Chapter Five

Zedia dodged another strike.

“Ah! Stop moving!” Flora’s voice had suddenly gone very deep.

“Flora, what are you doing, you big nutcase?” Zedia screeched, his voice starting to crack.

But Flora, or whoever was standing in front of him. Ran at him, all fists swinging. Zedia moved sideways, and thought he had dodged the attack, until he felt a blunt pain strike him in his chest. He cried out again.


Zedia leapt up again, and he pulled out his School Staff. He pointed it at Flora, and opened his mouth.

But the voice he heard was not his.

“Restrictus Growthus!”

Flora gasped as three green roots grasped her and threw her against Mr Star’s classroom door. She screamed as the roots held her tightly.

“Zedia, are you okay?” a woman’s voice called from down the corridor. Zedia squinted and saw the friendly, familiar face of Mrs Rzegula, his spell teacher.

Flora was still struggling wildly as Mrs Rzegula came and put her hand on Zedia’s back.

“Arrgh! Let me go!” whoever it was screamed. Zedia had decided, she was not Flora.

Mrs Rzegula stood up. Her face was wrinkled but not old as such. Her hands swapped into fists.

“Who are you?” she demanded.

“Why should I tell you-” Flora cursed.

At Mrs Rzegula.

“I’ll ignore that comment, and I’ll repeat this one: who are you!” Mrs Rzegula was starting to lose her patience.

“I may be the one you want now. But not for long…” the possessor gasped, “It will happen soon… he will come soon!”

“Who, tell me!” Mr Rzegula had really lost her patience now. Whoever it was, inhaled their last breath and died on one last word.


For a moment, everything was silent. Flora started to glow, and a black cloak just seemed to fall from her body.

Zedia went to touch the strange piece of clothing.

“Don’t touch it!” Mrs Rzegula cried.

“Why, it’s only a cloak…” Zedia looked puzzled.

Mrs Rzegula pointed her staff towards Flora.

“Restrictus Reversus!”

The roots loosened, then disintegrated into nothing. Flora fell to the ground. Zedia left the ‘cloak’ and ran to Flora. He propped her head up.

Mrs Rzegula went straight over the cloak.

She waved her staff over it, and deciding it was safe, she rolled it over. And almost had a heart attack when she saw what this ‘cloak’ really was.

Zedia lay Flora down and went over to the stunned teacher.

“What- is it, miss?” Zedia asked as he looked down at what he thought looked like a cloak with a mouldy face. Except it didn’t have a nose and its mouth was a dark hole with razor sharp teeth. And the strangest feature, was what was probably its forehead, right in the middle of it- was an emblem. A gold emblem, with a dark red swirl inside it.

Zedia started staring at it. He became transfixed.

 He felt himself reaching towards the strange feature. Mrs Rzegula suddenly broke out of her trance.

“Don’t touch it, I said!” she bellowed.

She then grabbed Zedia’s shoulder and threw him backwards.

He landed just a few feet away from where Flora was lying.

Mrs Rzegula pulled out her Staff once more and shouted.

“Deletus, Completus!”

A dark blue bolt of what looked like electricity jolted out of the tip of the Staff and struck the thing right in the middle of the strange emblem. And it completely dissolved into the air.

Mrs Rzegula sighed, and that was followed by the school bell ringing. School had started.

“miss, wh-” Zedia’s sentence was incomplete, by Mrs Rzegula’s voice ripping straight through it.

“Get to class, Zedia!”

Zedia did not need any more encouragement. He was off.

As he ran down the corridor. Mrs Rzegula called something to him.

“And you’ve got detention with me at lunch!”

Zedia had the urge to turn round and start arguing with her. But he knew what she really meant…


The End

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