Chapter Four

As Zedia reached the school gates, He realised that they

Were stuck fast.

“Hey, Zedia!” a voice came from behind him.

Zedia swung round in a fighting stance.

“Calm down,” the girl standing in front of him said.

Zedia realised it was a girl called Flora Pendulum. She was in his most of his classes.

“Hi Flora, Why are the gates shut?”

Flora looked puzzled for a moment, Then said:

“Maybe because it’s an hour till school starts, Zedia,”

“What!” he exclaimed, “you mean to tell me… I just ran two miles, almost non-stop…and school hasn’t even started yet!”

He pulled a stretched, horrible looking face. Then calmed, and eventually said:

“Well, what are you doing here?”


‘What does Flora need with Fighting Spells Education,’ Zedia thought.

“Mr Warstaff says I have a knack for fighting with spells,” she said, almost reading his mind.

“That’s a bit…” Zedia started, then stopped when he saw Flora’s expression.

“A bit what?” She asked sternly.

“Nothing…” Zedia backed away. He wasn’t scared of much, but looking into Flora’s eyes. He was scared. He didn’t know why… but she was scary.

“Tch, the keys jammed again,” Flora said, all the sternness had gone from her voice.

“I’ll get it,” Zedia said, now it was his turn to look cool.

He lifted up his palm. But before he could say the incantation, Flora had pushed his hand back down and said:

I’ll get it…”

Zedia looked at her and stepped backwards.

“Stand back,” she said, looking at the big rusty lock. She then jumped upwards, and swung her foot straight into it.

She landed flawlessly, and for a moment it seemed like nothing had happened. But then there was a click, and a creaking sound.

And eventually the massive, wooden and weather-torn gates swung open and Flora wandered in.

“You coming or not?” she asked.

Zedia nodded and stepped inside the gates.

“I can’t believe, you got here an hour earlier than you should’ve!” Flora laughed, “How the hell did you manage it?”

“Just be quiet!” Zedia demanded.

“Sorry, but, how did you-”

“Be quiet!” Zedia lost it, his voice echoed through the empty corridor. Then he realised something very strange.

“Hang on, if the school’s empty, which teacher do you have lessons with?”

Flora went silent, and the room suddenly went cold.

“Flora, what’s-” before he could finish, Flora had launched her foot into Zedia’s stomach. He cried out with oof! And fell backwards.

Flora went to strike him again but Zedia rolled out of the way.

He jumped to his feet and shouted:

“What the HELL are you doing?”

The End

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