Chapter Three

As he ran past Mr Sniles butchers. He passed a bunched up crowd of year nines. At first glance it looked like they were arguing amongst themselves. But as Zedia looked again he saw a year six girl, stuck in the middle of them. They were bullying her! Even if Zedia was going to be late for school, that girl was going to get hurt if he didn’t do anything.

“So, little girl! How much cash you got! GIVE, NOW!” the biggest bully shouted to her.

A tear drifted down her cheeks.

“Bu- but…” she cowered wiping her face with her sleeves.

“GIVE IT TO ME NOW!” he roared.

“Hey, pick on some one your own size!” Zedia interrupted, “although, someone that size may be hard to find!”

“YOU WHAT!” the large one shouted, his eyes almost blood red from bloodshot. When he swung his head round towards Zedia he recognised him almost instantly, it was Gareg Argon, a year nine who fancied himself as a bully.

“Hey, you don’t have to shout… I’m only here,” Zedia said.

“HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME?" Gareg screamed

Zedia chuckled, grinning widely.

Gareg launched at him with his head pointing forward.

“Borus Chargus!” he bellowed, as giant boar horns appeared out of his cheeks, Sharp as razors.

Zedia stood his ground, and swung his hand up, gripping his staff, and shouted:

“Piggus Reversus!”

A pink beam of light erupted from Zedia’s staff and Gareg’s horns shrunk to small stubs, and his nose grew into a short snout, While his face went pink and a small winded tail grew from nowhere on his backside. He tripped over, stopping his rampage towards Zedia.

The girl sniggered. While the bunch of year nines cowered and ran down an alley way screaming:

“This way, run!”

“’SNORT’ this isn’t over Spell!” he grunted.

“Yes it is Gareg…” he lifted his staff again, “Piggus Perfectus!”

With that, Gareg’s transformation was complete. All of his clothes disappeared into nowhere, his face went pink and his hands and feet turned into full hooves.

By this time, the year six was in hysterics.

“Gareg, I’d run as fast as I could if I were you… it’s not really a good idea to be a pig outside a butchers, is it?” Zedia said sarcastically, pointing at Mr Sniles shop. Gareg didn’t need any more encouragement. He ran down the alleyway that his class mates had ran down, literally, with his tail between his legs.

Zedia walked over to the girl.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she answered, “what’s your name?” she asked.

“I’m Zedia Spell,”

The girl was locked in thought for a moment, until she finally said:

“Zedia, are you Zelia’s brother?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he answered, “do you know her?”

“Yeah, she’s in my class, I’ll tell her that you helped me!”

“Yeah, you do that…?” Zedia tried to think if he knew the girls name.

“Xaria,” she told him.

“Nice name, listen, I’ve really got to go!” he exclaimed.

“Okay then,” she said.

With that Zedia jumped up, and started running again.

“Bye!” Xaria shouted to Zedia

   “Bye!” he called back to her.

Xaria stood in the same spot for the next minute or so.

“So that’s Sladen’s ‘Master Wizard’…” She said to herself, “A child…” 

With that, she threw her hands up into the air and disappeared completely.

The End

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