Chapter Two

 Zedia entered through the smoothened wooden door into the bathroom. He stripped down and looked at his shoulder. He hadn’t really looked at his scar for a few years, it had came to be when he and his friend Blaze Degree had tried to summon an Infernus Demon, but it had gone wrong. The beast that they had summoned was deformed, just a head and a tail. The beast went berserk and Zedia was struck by it’s spiked tail, Zedia’s mother disintegrated the beast before it could do anymore damage.

As Zedia stepped into the shower, all the sleep in his eyes suddenly disappeared. He had caught sight of the clock. His face widened into shock… he was going to be late for school! His shower would have to wait... it was now a race against time!

He almost slipped as he dived out of the shower.

“Atractis, School clothes!” he shouted as he ran out of the bathroom. His Black and red blazer flew into his swinging arms, along with his shirt and black trousers. He just managed to throw them all on while he ran, well, fell down the stairs.

Mrs Spell was washing Zedia’s baby sister Zula in the kitchen sink.

“Hi Zedia, you’re…” Mrs Spell tried to say.

“Sorry mum, can’t talk, late for school!” her son babbled wildly while throwing his shoes on.

“But you’re not late…” the front door slammed shut, “the clocks have gone back…” she said to the empty room.

She turned back to Zula, and looked at the picture that was hanging above her head. It was a picture of Zedia’s father, he had left to go to war against Lor, a rival village and he had never come back, The War General had said he had been captured and was now held in a POW camp, if he hadn’t already been executed… He looked exactly like his son.

She sighed, and continued washing her daughter.

As Zedia ran down the garden path, He realised he had forgotten his school staff. It would be pointless going to school without it.

He wasn’t that far away from it. He could probably use the Attractus spell to fetch it. One problem…Zedia had never attracted something this far away. Plus, his bedroom window was closed. He would also have to use the Openru spell from long range as well.

He had to hurry- he didn’t want a heads detention with Mr Wand.

“Oh well… here goes nothing…” he joked to himself. He pointed at his window and shouted:

“Lock Openru!” it took a struggle, but after holding the spell for a few seconds, the window flew open.

“Yes!” he proclaimed, but he was still in a hurry. So he pointed at the window once more.

He took a deep breath

“Attractus…School Staff!” 

But nothing happened…

“Attractus…School Staff!” he shouted again but still, nothing, but then something came flying out of his bedroom window. He thought for a moment his spell had worked… but then he saw the figure of his sister Zelia hanging out of the bedroom. Zedia swung his hand out into the air and the flying object landed peacefully into it, he then gripped his hand shut.

“What did you do that for?” he called up to his sibling.

“I thought some body had burgled something and was running away, so I thought I’d throw something at him!” she called back.

“So you throw my school staff!” Zedia looked at the long, thin piece of wood in his palm

“Yeh!” she called back smugly. She then slammed the window shut. And the silhouette of his little sister disappeared.

He then shoved the staff into his pocket and ran down the hill towards Lornia Village School.

The End

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