Quest For Kandrakah: The Prophecy

The first full length novel I ever wrote. I was 11 or 12 when i finished it, and its not up to what my standards are now.
Three kids must traverse the dangerous world of Kandrakah to save its unwitting inhabitants from almost certain danger :)


The entire world of Kandrakah was silent, including the village of Lornia. The dawning sun was just beginning to shed a miniscule amount of light.

The drop of sunlight drifted through the chinks in Zedia Spell’s curtains.

As the sun met with Zedia’s face, his eyes fluttered open. His body slowly started to move out of the rigid position that he had slept in all night. He lifted up his right hand, and said quietly:

“Rejectus, bed cover,”

And after saying this, his bed covers jolted off of his bed and onto the floor.

He then slid his right leg off his bed and onto the stone floor. The coldness swept through his body like an Ice Beast had just breathed on him with its hellishly cold breath.

He then reluctantly, stood up. His six foot three body was built strong but athletically. He looked like an Olympic runner or at least that’s what everyone said about him. His naturally spiked up crazy dark green hair matched his glistening eyes in colour.

After finally managing the dreaded wake up, He turned to the bed covers that were crumpled in the corner of the room. He lifted his hand again. And said:

“Levatatus, Bed covers,” He slowly moved his hand up, and the covers levitated at least three feet above the ground. He then lifted his opposite hand and started moving it left to right. The bed covers, now hovering above the bed, Straightened out and then dropped perfectly onto the top of the mattress. He smiled and turned his head towards the bedroom door, and decided it was time for a shower. He pointed his finger towards the door and said:

“Lock Openru,”

And slowly the handle slid down, and the door opened…

Yes… you’re right, Zedia can do magic.

The End

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