It would be easier to cure if we only knew what we were curing.

The symptoms fluctuate, as if to say that we don't know what will happen to a carrier of the disease.

We can test them for it, and we can identify the virus, but after that... There's not much to do about it.

You'd think that by 2050, after all the wonderful discoveries science is making, and continues to make: life on Mars, cure for cancer, things like that... You'd think that we'd have been able to do something about this.

But it's all happening too fast.

It's been twenty years since it first surfaced, and because it was so mild, nobody batted an eyelid. But it must have been the Earth's environment. It mutated the virus. And then it became deadly...

The most common symptoms include vomiting, skin abnormalities, and death.

But it's changing all the time, and we can't keep up.

The End

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