Juli ended up materializing on his armchair. Without a second thought, he pulls the lever on the side and lifts his feet. "What in the hell just happened to me?", he thought to himself. Juli had never done drugs, and that was the first time he even smoked weed. Though as to the past couple of days, he was more than baffled.

"Hello!?!?! Is there anyone here with me?", he yelled. As if to answer his question. His cellphone began it's buzzing and playing "The Doors, Hello, I Love You".

            He quickly reaches the table by his feet to answer. It was Amber. Wonder what she wants! He presses the green button, and puts the phone to his ear. "Hi babe, how've you been?", she asks of him. To which he calmly replies, "Not as good as when I had you, friendly one. I had thought that I heard the last of you. What happened with Jim?"

            "Well, we need to talk about somethings, Juli. Mind if I come over?". At which point the door bell rings, and Juli hears keys going into his front door lock. "Why does life feel predetermined," he asks and hangs up his cell. In walks Amber, all 106 pounds of her, dressed in a low cut red dress that showed a lot of cleavage.

            "Wow, stunning dress, babe. If I may call you that anymore...", he utters as he gazes at Amber. To which Amber slowly walks over to Juli and gives him a peck on the cheek. "I haven't been totally honest, babe. I had to, you see, it's just the way we recruit members. It's different everytime, but we have to bring you to the lowest point of your life before we raise you up to be a god-like angel.", she playfully states.

            "Holy shit, you're part of this too, Amber?! I haven't just been dreaming or dead or something!?!", Juli exclaims loudly. "No, babe, I had been watching you for years before I came on to you at The Elbo Room club. I absolutely had to see if I can spend the next couple of aeons training you. You passed with flying colors, or should I say a soaring phallus?", and turns around. "Unzip my dress, will ya, Jules?", she utters in a sultry tone.

            "No, babe, I refuse to please you until you please me by elaborating on just what the fuck is going on, please!", Juli nearly screams in frustration. "Jeez, Juli, take a chill pill! I do guess that we have eternity to continue our fornication, and so I'll entertain you tonight.", Amber replies sneeringly. "I will be your partner for the next forty billion years or so, and I do have to say that we got off to a great start. I've never had a pupil to teach, and the only way I saw to train a man is through a sado-masochistic, master-slave, relationship."

            "You cannot imagine the powers you will be getting in the next week. Your scientific mind will be given free reign. First over your body, and then over this reality. Here, eat this pill... It is a concentrated form of mescalin from the peyote cactii." She hands him a small orange pill. "Wait a second, what is it with you guys and all the drugs?", Juli affirmed with a stern tone. "These are not drugs, Juli, they are psychadaelics which expand your mind. Not even addictive, trust me or do a search on your ancient version of the Web." Amber replies.

            "Ok, fuck it... I trust you Amber and life has been wilder than a one legged man riding a five legged horse." Juli says, and tosses the pill in his mouth. At which point, Amber gets up and kisses Juli straight on the mouth in a deep, sensual way. "Thank you for trusting me, babe. Now please undo my zipper so I can get more comfortable." Juli does, and as he looks over her form wearing just laungerie he starts getting a chubby.

            "Thank you, Juli. Now where was I... After tonight, you will be getting the Sentro Operating System installed into your brain. You will be able to have a computer inside your brain, Juli. How does that sound?" she states. "That's why I've never been interested in computers nor science of this age. I have seen what the previous universe of men invented, and the technology of today has the mentality of a newborn."

            By this time, Juli began to feel all tingly in his extremeties, and the lights were getting to be foggy. Getting up he turns them all off. With all the lights off, Juli can think again about what is going on. Well, that is until Amber materializes a large candle on his table. She blows on the wick, and it lights up instantly instead of being blown out.

"Juli, imagine being that glow that surrounds the flame. Ethereal, but visible. That is what you will be when I am done with you."

For a second there, he was staring back at himself with Amber from the viewpoint of the candle flame…

            "I think I'm starting to like psychadaelics. Wonder why there has been such a stigma about them." Juli states to himself mostly. "People are afraid of things they cannot understand. You on the other hand are a pioneer of the New Frontier. Working as a quantum physicist, you have learned to doubt yourself, and so became more enlightened than about eighty percent of the human population."

            Being about twenty minutes after he had taken the little orange pill. Juli asked Amber if she wanted to go out back so he could smoke a cigarette. Which she declined, and he grabbed a cigarette from the table with his lighter still in his right pocket. During his walk through his living room. Juli started seeing moving patterns on all the walls, rugs, and even ceiling of the room. He got outside in the fresh air, and lit up. That's when his vision really went radical.

            Out back was as normal as it was the last time that he saw it, but now it seemed as a portrait hanging on the wall of Dan's office. As he breathed the portrait stretched and shrunk. The moon and stars looked like a virtual aurora of lights shining down. He even thought he could see their reflections on the grass. And the grass itself felt amazing to his bare feet.

            Staring at the sky, Juli felt a pair of hands around his shoulders, and soft breasts against his back. "Juli, I've been watching you doing absolutely nothing, and wanted to remind you to toss that cigarette before you burn your fingers."

He takes one more drag off his Malboro and flicks it at the corner of his house with all the other butts. "Baby, if you're one of them, why are we hanging around here? I'm seeing and feeling like a newborn child. I want to experience everything about life!", Juli proclaims.

            "Thought you'd never ask. Actually, I was waiting for the mescalin to kick in. Which it obviously has," taking Juli's hand, she blinks, and in that nanosecond, teleports them both to a warm, sandy beach with palm trees. The sun is high in the sky, and the weather is like it was where he just left from. "We are on one of the beaches of American Guam, Jules. I see that you are not going to freak out on the peyote, and so I'll take a pill myself so that I can guide your trip better."

            Popping a pill into her mouth, she crunches down on it smiling. "Unlike you, I can turn off my taste buds. That is why I chewed on mine. It gives a quicker effect, but tastes horrible if I remember correctly." Juli throws himself onto the sand, and starts digging with his hands then letting the sand trickle off his palms. Seeing this, Amber is a bit flustered. She had forgotten to change them into bathing suits, and Jin is still in his boxers and a t-shirt rolling around in sand. Amber takes off her girdle, bra, and panties, and joins Juli in rolling around on the sand.

            "Having fun, honeybunch?", she asks as the trip hadn't hit her yet. "Let's go for a swim! Come on, Juli!", she exclaims. At which point, Juli takes off his shirt and boxers, and runs to the water diving head first. Amber runs after him as he looks back towards the beach.

            "Babe, I think I just had a mental orgasm when I saw you with your breasts bouncing!", he proclaims. "Oh, you haven't seen anything yet, baby!", she responds as she swims closer to Juli. Giving him a kiss, she says, "Now you can breathe underwater, like me. You couldn't turn your lungs to filter water instead of air, yet, but I did it for you." Without a second's thought, or any type of response. Juli dives underwater, and sees a painting of paradise. Yellow, red, and blue colored fish dart around an intricate reef. After the sun's rays start drawing patterns on the water, Amber gets bored with the outside, and dives down to join Juli.

            Immediately, she is assaulted by the spectrum of colors all zipping and melting into the next moment. She forgot to give Juli goggles so his vision isn't blurry, “Doh!”  In the second it took for the thought, it took Juli ten more to stop rubbing his eyes and smile. Looking up at Amber he mouths, "Thank You". She moves in the water as though she is a dolphin, does Amber. Accelerating at a pace that is inhuman in it's form and grace.

            Swimming in circles around Juli who is just floating near the bottom staring with amazement around him. Amber slowly starts getting closer and closer. Until she is literally coiling around Juli like a boa constrictor. He's feeling better than he could have ever imagined! The mescalin, the moving portrait that he was seeing, and Amber's touch all give Juli the feeling that he's died and gone to heaven. He's getting very hard, very quick. Which Amber notices immediately, and that's when I stop observing the girls that I've trained for millions of years.


The End

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