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            "Ok, guys... You've learned your lessons for today. We will continue in exactly twelve hours, and after you've been introduced to your other halves.", I proclaim. At that time, I wave goodbye to the two of them, and they are back in the present, December 22rd, 2012. Juli back at his house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Jin in his tiny cell at the Telford Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Corrections.

            "Woah, Jin where'd you come from?", asked Jin's cellmate Four-Four. "Dude, I think I am losing my mind here! You would not understand what just happened to me. I was at this bar then I smoked pot with a god, and it really happened!"

"Woah there Jin, have you been to the pill window lately? If not, you need to start. Anyways, I dunno about you, but I'm gunna jam out on my radio."

            Jin left with all this new information to understand, but at least he was stoned for the first time in what seemed like forever. So, he went back to his bunk, and his book... He would not even come out of his own mind to look at the words on the pages though. He knew that he wasn't going crazy, and all of that just did happen!

All the cell doors pop open, chow time. The walk to the chow hall was as usual with moving at a brisk pace holding his hands in the shape of a heart (formed by joining your hands then pulling your index fingers inward). He never cared what he ate, sometimes not giving the grub they feed you a second look after walking by the counter.

            As he was on his way back from the chowhall. He is stopped by a surly looking guard with a fully grown beard. "Come with me inmate, the major wants to talk to you." Jin just followed the guard like a lamb to the slaughter. Giving no second thought to it because he learned that he was in the hands of the state. Actually, he had noticed a lot of Freemasons working at the prison. “Maybe they want to talk to me!”

            Walking inside of a building he was led to a room. It had a table with two chairs on opposite sides, and the guard left him alone closing the door behind himself. "Fucking pigs, they always make you wait just like a woman!", he thinks nervously. The door opens behind Jin, and around the table walks a petite, gorgeous asian woman. "Thank you God!", Jin thought to himself as his eyes were seeing a photo of one's of the Men's Magazines they allowed in prison come to life. "Inmate 1317337, Jin'Mei Kim, is that you?", she asks in a tiny, but very cute voice.

            Now Jin was simply awestruck... His first contact with an attractive woman in almost five years. After what happened last night though. He was willing to accept everything at face value. And so, he spoke up, "Here and reporting, Ms, Geisha.", he couldn't help himself even though this was a Major from what he had understood. "That's Major Gasha to you, prisoner. I have picked you for a special assignment here at this unit. You are to lick my boots to a shine. How does that make you feel, one-three-one-seven-three-three-seven?

            "Holy Snapple with Peach", he really did die and go to heaven last night. "Wonder if heaven is just an alternate reality.", his brain postulated randomly. Jin gets down on his knees, approaches her feet with his head, and sticks out his tongue. At which point, Gasha takes a step back, and starts laughing. "You're an angel like me, but you are acting idiotically. Come on Jin, let's get out of here."

            They are on a beach with light blue ocean waters and a slight breeze. "I've been watching you Jin... For the past five years in jail and prison, I've been kinda spying on you. I hope that you don't mind me peaking at you in the shower. I took a liking to your carnal appearance. Beautiful people make beautiful spirits, you know. Maybe it's their self-image, but to get to the point. We in the TS Myriad can create children of our own. It is a tug of war between the two minds of the parents. But since women have always had the maternal instinct while men dilly-dallied. All of our babies are born female. We decided to recruit men into our Myriad to continue this amazing trip through time."

            "I am to be your mentor from now on, Jinny. Sounds like genie, and that's exactly what I will turn you into!", Gasha insinuated.

"Wow, I get my own personal goddess geisha, and I was just in prison for something I didn't do.", Jin utters under his breath.

"We're sorry about all that, Jin, it was a play put on by the more demanding of the Myriad. We have a connection with the Freemasons and the Illuminati here on earth. Even though we are only known to the Rothschild family. They manage to keep the world in a quiet enough state to prolong life on this earth. We believe them to be decent people at heart, and if they weren't we would thwart their design at world domination."

            "Your world is about to experience a golden age instead of the impending ice age. The Freemasons and the several groups that make up the Illuminati were taught the grand design of unifying your earth. All for what though, you ask? All for you, my Yang! You and Juli Gris will be god-kings to the people, and we, along with the rest of the Continuum will be your queens. I can take any shape, and bend my body in any contortion you can think of, by the way *wink* *wink*." Gasha teased.

            At the moment, Jin gets up and starts running, "Race you to the end of the ocean!"

“And this is why he's my Yang”, she thinks. Getting up herself, she takes off her top and races after him into the crashing waves of warm tropical water. About fifty meters from shore. Jin slows down, and waits for Gasha to catch up. "I just thought it more comfortable to think in water.", Jin casually states. "While I do appreciate the offer of godhood, I have to think about it... Not, sign me up!", Jin exclaims.

"The nanites that were created inside your brain are working on making your transition to a more ethereal state possible as we speak. The process takes about six days. In which you will slowly gain powers and abilities over yourself and life around you."

            "Are you ready to sleep Jin? And not with me because I am not that easy! We have all eternity in which to play,", Gasha ->states<-. Instantly they are dry, and in what appeared to be a spacious room with a four-corner canopy bed.

 "Sleep well, my prince." To which Jin replies, "You as well, Gasha the geisha! One more thing I beg of you, can you roll me a joint so I can calm my mind after all that's happened today?", he pleads with her. "One pound of White Widow coming right up,". After materializing a pile of buds on the carpet of the room, she bids Jin farewell by kissing his cheek and disappears.

            "What the hell am I going to smoke this out of?", Jin thinks to himself. Then, realizing that he is hungry from not eating all day decides to just ingest the herb. He wishes he had some Italian salad dressing, but the buds were still sticky from the plant and tasted just great. After stuffing himself for what seemed like thirty minutes, he gets up onto the bed. Noticing the silk and cashmere bedsheets, he hugs them and sheds a lone tear. "Thank you God!", he thinks stupefied.

The End

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