Dragging his feet along to the next yellow line that he had to stand behind and face forward. Jin was really uneasy about prison, and all the stuff he'd seen in movies. Though, he didn't show it, just had a half-smirk on his face and was respectful to all the guards who continued to impel him to his final destination for the next nine or so years. Jin had nothing to live for, and nothing to die for.

            He got to his destination at the end of the stops along the way in Texarkana, Texas, and the Telford Texas Department of Criminal Justice unit. What he experienced when he got there was freedom! Prison life was much better than the hell he had experienced in county jail. Even though Jin had no one to send him money or books. He hustled his way, everyday. Get a pressed suit or 2 from his job at the laundry, help write a letter with nuances and distinction for prisoners who wanted to sound educated, to buying and selling hand rolled cigarettes. The funny thing was not just that the paper they were rolled in used to be a Bible, it actually was that the pages in the Bibles the government gave to them were the thick kind.

            Life was as good as it was going to get locked up. And then it happened, he got his hands on "The Self-Aware Universe" by Dr. Amit Goswami and he was hooked. The book pretty much had the same epiphanies inside of it as Julius Gris did. All about quantum mechanics, and how this universe seems to be sentient. Jin put his own two cents in though by relating it all to religion and God. For two years he studied that book, along with any other book on a religion other than Christianity. Finally, after all that time, he reread the Gospels of Jesus Christ. And holy shit, Jesus states in John 10:34 that, "Ye are gods".

            Most people that he talked to in prison just dismissed his ideas as the raving of a lunatic. The few that did actually give it serious thought pointed out that Jesus was referring to Psalm 82:6. Jin, though, thought differently. Why would Jesus state that normal men are gods just because they passed judgement on Him? Wouldn't that make everyone a god that makes his own decisions? Wouldn't that give an explanation to Dr. Amit Goswami book's perplexity, i.e. a human is needed in order to collapse a quantum probability wave (when unobserved a particle has a minute possibility of being anywhere but a higher probability of being at a certain spot giving the wave it's name).

            After four years and give or take twenty days. Jin gets called to a visit. "Who the hell knows me?", he thought to himself. At the table the guard was pointing to a striking red head with shorter hair, and glasses. Jin sits down across from the lady, and the first thing that comes out of the lady's mouth is, "Remember your time in jail, Jin?", she continues without interruption, "Well, life was ... complicated for you wasn't it?"

"Who the hell are you, even though I appreciate the visit?!"

"Rachel Ionescu is my name, and you, sir, are an angel!"

"Wait, wait, what the ...?", Jin blabbed.

"Look around you Jin, we're not in Texas any more", and with that statement they were sitting in a booth at a bar with everyone speaking a language Jin had never heard before...

"Ok, so let me get this straight. What am I now?"

"Here, let me illustrate this better,", and at once they were floating a couple of miles high in the sky.  

"Holy shiznickle, lady! Am I glad that you've come into my life! But tell me why I was chosen!"

"We are the Guardians of Myrr, angels to a non-existant God."

"Whaddya mean, non-existant?

"Just relax Jin, we will explain everything to you shortly. For now, would you like to go back to that bar and get a lady a drink?"

"I have no clue what language those people were speaking! How the hell am I supposed to get you a drink?"

"Easy, here", and they were back to their booth,

"afsakið þjóninn", she asked over the din of good natured chatter. "Já, elskan min góða", he replied. To which Rachel gave Jin a strong kick to the shin, and blinked her eyelashes.

"tveir Martini á steinum", came out of Jin's mouth from his habit of going with the flow and speaking his mind.

"Ok, this is seriously weird!", Jin asserted after about a two second thought on the matter.

"You are using that quantum computer that is lodged inside your skull to tune into our signals. I just flipped your switch, baby."

That's when Jin downed his iced Martini and took Rachel's and downed that one as well.

"Well, that was rude of you, but no matter, I have better chemicals than alcohol. This was just to loosen you up, would you like two more?"

"Umm, let me think about that for a sec. Yes, yes I would"

"tveir kynlíf á ströndinni", Jamie yelled over to the waiter. "This is Icelandic we're speaking by the way, and you have successfully completed your first interaction with God, but I will let my partner speak to you about all that."

The End

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