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December 21st, 2012

            Oh, how his life had turned to shit...  Ever since that epiphany about consciousness and matter.  His whole life was decaying around him. Amber had left him, he had lost his job at the North Broward Research Institute, and even in Eve an enemy alliance had conquered his corporation's space.  He was stuck up shit's creek without even a canoe.  "What to do? What to do?", his thoughts dashed as he mused somberly in his big, and empty king-size bed.  The thought of writing a book had crossed his mind, but was too daunting to even consider. Suppose that he did, it would take months, if not years, to get it into published form. 

            Tossing and turning, he counted the times he'd lit cigarettes.  Finally, after the fifth cigarette, he managed to lull himself into a slumber...

            knock, knock, KnoCK, BAM!

"What was that?" He roused himself with all the power that he could muster.  Planning on checking the front door, he grabbed a cigarette and lighter for the conversation with his ex-girlfriend.  He had not slept deeply, and the memories of the last week were still fresh in his mind in their antagonizing way.

            In his living room he saw nothing.  Nothing outside, nothing through the windows, not a soul in sight.  "Well, if someone wants to rob and kill me, let them try.  I've got nothing more to lose.", his mind blurted as he opened his front door to smoke the cigarette that was in his hand.  Immediately, he was blinded!  As soon as he opened his eyes, it was plain to see why.  The sun outside was at it's peak when his whole house was dark inside.  Without giving his acute mind a split-second to think on the matter, a green Ferrari pulled into his driveway in a dazzling display of automotive dexterity and a whole bunch of smoke.

"Holy shit!", Juli muttered under his breath.

            The door of the car opened upwards, and  I, a short man in a black 3-piece suit emerge.  "Mr. Gris, I congratulate you on becoming an angel.", I shout as I’m was half running, half walking to the door.  Juli's  mind was too shocked to think.

"Grab some clothes, and hop in. We're going on a magic carpet ride.", I say more quietly as I get closer.

"Now, wait a second!  What do you mean that I've become an angel, and how the hell is it daytime, and how did you knock on my door?"

Juli proceeded to slap himself, hard, twice... "No, not a dream, but this is seriously weird!"

I wave my right hand, and Juli was dressed in the shirt and shorts he had worn previously that day.

"Here, try this cigarette", Dan gently asserts.

Juli put it to his lips, and a flame appeared on the tip of the cigarette. "Jesus, this has got to be another lucid dream!", Juli thought as he took a drag off the cigarette. Instantly hacking and coughing his lungs out, he stated, "This isn't tobacco!"

"No, that, my friend, is marijuana. It actually has a purpose in this life. It is the Holy Grail, ambrosia... We prefer it to tobacco because your brain has special receptors specifically designed for it."

"Here, you drive!", I announce to Julius.

"But I've never driven a car in my life! Only in video games!!!", Jules replies.

"That's ok, son, because where we're going there are no roads."

            So, Juli did what his mother and father never allowed him to do. He got behind the wheel of a car, and not just any ordinary car. This was a Ferrari, or something that must've cost a fortune. I got into the passenger's seat, and he turns the keys to the ignition. At once they were on the gossamer rings of what appeared to be Jupiter. And that's when Juli fainted...

            After I slap Juli a couple of times on the cheeks. I give up, and turn on the radio. Jules woke up to Led Zeppelin blaring, not only from the car, but also from above in the "sky". "You're not in Florida any more, Juli. Or was that Kansas? Been so long since I last saw that movie." Thinking of Kansas, I  pushed the CD player's button, and they were listening to "Dust in the Wind".

            "We are going on an everlasting journey, Julius. The weed was supposed to calm you down so that you wouldn't faint. But, I should have let you smoke more. You can call me Dan Ionescu, and I'll be your mentor for the start of this journey." the man asserted. "Now, start the car and put your hands on the wheel. I'll be controlling the speed and direction of this F12berlinetta. And yes, it is a Ferrari..." George said.

"Holy shit, at least this is a dream," thought Juli.

"Nope, wrong that time. This is no dream, but I can certainly and easily read your mind." I sternly assert. "Now, stop thinking, and let me talk."

"But how the hell am I supposed to stop thinking, Dan? My mind goes from one topic to the next." Jules asked meekly.

"Listen to the music, but also listen to me, Julius. Suspend your disbelief, or I shall have to take you like a vampire." I open my mouth, and my two upper canines began to elongate.

"Oh fuck!" Juli screamed, and opened his door to run out.

"Don't do that, Julius!" I calmly warn. To which Juli proceeded to jump out of the car. Only to begin floating away towards the planet.

"I told you not to... Now, we're not going to see the beautiful rings of Saturn. It's not Jupiter like you thought, you need to brush up on your cosmology."

And with that, Julius and Dan were standing in complete whiteness. Nothing around, no walls, no ceiling. Just an ever-extending white floor with a white background.

"Oh, what the fuck? What the fuck!" Julius chanted twice.

"Don't make me have to restrain you in order to explain what is going on, Juli. I am not a dream, and this is just a figment of my imagination imposed onto your mind. A perfect place to discuss life, don't you think?"

"No, I don't think. Just what is going on, whatever your name was? I was sleeping!!!"

"Well, go back to sleep, Juli." With that statement, everything turned black, and there was a twin sized bed with an oil lamp on a nightstand about three feet away from Juli.

"I'll be back when you have gathered your thoughts."

"Wait, am I dead?" Juli loudly asked.

"No, you're not dead. Just what is death to you? Oh, nevermind, I'll explain it all when you wake up." I reply to Juli.

            Juli tried asking some more questions, but got no answer. "Well, I guess I'm alone, where the hell am I?" Jules thought to himself again and again for what seemed like hours. With nothing but the lamp's faint light to keep him company. "Yes, finally something to wake me up!" Juli thought, and taking the cover off of the lamp. He held his hand over the flame... “Oww, that hurt!” Didn't wake him up, but left him in the darkness with a second degree burn that kept him awake some more.


The End

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