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Both of the soon-to-be angels dreamt the same dream during their slumber of that night:"Welcome to the Santro Nanotechnological Operating System" Along with a Superman logo appearing in shimmering letters as if they were looking at a screen. What came next, neither could remember, but woke up at the same exact instant with one thought in their minds. "What would I like to do:", appearing as a small vision inside their minds. In letters, and not words or a thought, mind you.  Just as Jin wakes up, in walks Gasha with a tray of poached eggs along with some exotic fruits and vegetables. "I trust that you've slept well, and from what I've heard you've got a Satro in your mind now! Isn't it wonderful? We, women, of the TS Myriad can interact with the desktop version of Santro, but I've always wondered what it felt like to have one inside of yourself!" "Can I play with mine while I eat? And thank you for breakfast. That is the first time someone cooked me breakfast in bed other than my grandmother." Jin voiced. "Of course, my lord. Do you require anything else of me?", Gasha meekly asks. "Yeah, I want you to start acting like the goddess that you are, and not like my slave, honey child!", Jin quickly replied. "Oh sorry, I'm just so excited over meeting the person that I've been training for for over three million years.", came her response. "Computer, make me be able to see through clothes," Jin thought. No other thought came to answer, but the tiny question in the back of his mind changed to a statement that was quite a bit more apparent. "I am not a computer, I am Santro. Please refer to me as such, and as for your request: Please rephrase your demand." So this isn't gunna be as easy as Jin had assumed... After giving it some thought. Jin tried again, "Santro, make cotton and silk appear as though looking through glass." "Your request will take exactly 00:01:12 to integrate." Claimed the small vision in his "peripheral" mind. At which point, Jin starts to eat. Until a literal angel walks in the room stark naked. "Santro, terminate last request", Jin thinks to himself. Instantly the beautiful Gasha asks, "What'd you do, Jin?" "At which point he replies, "Since you people seem to be able to read my mind. I will tell you the truth that I peeked at what is under your sarong. Hope you don't mind."  Giggling like a schoolgirl, Gasha lightly slaps Jin's left cheek, and says, "I was going to show you... eventually. Now you've spoiled the surprise!" To which Jin quickly replies, "The surprise will be what those curves actually feel like. Don't hate the player, hate the game!" "Did you like what you saw?" she asks timidly. To which Jin replies, "I was awestruck by the beauty of an angel, of course I loved what I saw. It even embaressed me for doing something like that without your consent." "Well, ask your Santro to show you what you could be wearing for the rest of the day, and hurry up 'cause we gotta be with Dan in like half an hour.", Amber shouts at him… Literally just gets to the highest pitch and tone a female voice can have. After like three million years that scream had an ocean’s gravity. All the angst of a teenage being who can do literally anything, but having been trained from birth to be one thing. Anything that a soul like Jin’s could ever want, need, and desire.  Dan had been training Gasha to be a true geisha. How to stimulate the thought process of a mind. It was a difficult subject with many, but not with Dan. With him, it was impossible. She must have spent almost sixteen million years trying to outsmart Dan, but every time she did all she discovered was that Dan would tug on a strand from one of the universes she had created. All of Gasha’s thought processes crumbled, and she had to start again. Juli, meanwhile, woke up next to Amber on the cystalline beach. They had both slept the night through on a towel-thick bed spread. With that same nagging visionary question in the back of his mind. Juli wakes Amber with a kiss on the forehead, and thinks to himself, "I would like to fly through the sky." The questionary vision in the corner of his mind replies, "Unadaptable to setting desired, please allow 68:24:31 to fully . Oh, and Hi, by the way, my name's Santro"  "Amber, am I going crazy, or have I really become schizophrenic?" he asks the still sleeping beauty next to him. Amber flutters her eyelashes and asks back, "What are you on to now Julius?""My brain seems to have Microsoft DOS hooked up to it, but this DOS talks back. Help!"To which she casually states, "You're not going crazy, baby. The nanites that Dan put into you have developed a way to interact with all of the Myriad. Santro, this program, is taking you to the point of godhood, like us. Just relax and go with it. Theotechnical Santronity Myriad to call us by the full name. Santro was what our organization was named, and what it stood for. This was supposedly occurred in the Universe when the TS had first mapped the human brain onto a quantum computer, and discovered how to access the Ark of the Covenant which is our brain. Oh shit, what time is it? We gotta go in less than an hour." "Baby, we're naked and in the South Pacific. what the fuck is going on?", he quipped again. "Shut up, Juli!" she replied, "I'm not in the mood for a reality check right now. You think that this reality is measured in moments. Well, it's not! That's why the TS began it's Myriad. Through research during the hundred or so billion years in which you had a part of in your "previous" life. We've measured time and space to the smallest possible increment. And all we've found is what your generation dreamt up! This whole universe is made of a Pattern which we call God that constitutes this Universe and the four previous." "I'm sorry to snap at you, babe. As I was saying, though, this universe is made of eleven dimensions, which you also theorized. The Holy Grail of our brains showed us how to access the seven "abstract" dimensions.”“ It's just that I heard this last about eighteen million years ago. The mind never forgets, but does become unaccustomed to scrutiny.", come her words. "Aww, I'm sowwy.", Juli murmurs. Amber jumps on his neck, and starts peppering his face with kisses. "Don't worry about it babe..." They appear in a hugely expansive, and expensive apartment. The sun was beaming a few lazy rays through the many windows. They were in the city somewhere. As to which city it was is left to Juli's own imagination. "Through here baby, follow me.", she is saying as she tugs at Juli's arm. Leading them into a bedroom, and opening a closet. "Here, babe, you can search in here for something." At the same instance creating a pair of boxers on Juli. The boxers were made of three stripes, green over yellow over red, and had a lion with a crown where the opening in the front should of been. Juli looks at the clothes, and then back to Amber who had sprawled on the bed, still naked. His small head starts to get happy again... Amber sees and announces, "You need some age and control, Juli. I'll be in the other room." Left alone, Juli starts putting three pairs of pants on the bed. He then grabs six shirts out, and tosses them on the bed. Looking at the arrangement on the bed with all the expensive clothes. He can't decide what pants with which shirt. So he just stands there, thinking. Ten minutes later, Amber walks back into the room and sees Juli still in his boxers.  "What's wrong, babe?", she quips. "These clothes are so unusual for me in their styles that I just cannot decide between the grey pants with the white dress shirt or any of these that I chose out of the closet." Amber rolls her eyes. "You need to grow up, Jules! Do I seriously have to dress you myself? Even though I would love to. How about you choose your pants, and I'll take the time to design you a t-shirt from my imagination?"  Juli thinks for a second and grabs the black Gucci silk pants. "How 'bout this, babe?", he asks. Amber assents saying, "Perfect choice baby, let me think for a minute, now." She closes her eyes, and jumps onto the bed. Buck naked just like before. A few moments later, a shirt materializes on Juli, and Amber opens her eyes to see her design."Wow, that really looks nice. Take a look in the mirror and tell me what you think, babe."  Juli forces his eyes from the image of the naked angel lying on the bed to turn around and face the mirror. His shirt looks just like his boxers did. The Rastafari flag, but with two details on the shoulders and one below the Lion of Judah. ??? on his right shoulder, and arm. While on the left an elaborate ????????. Below the crowned lion was a ?. All in a distinct greenish red glow. "Wow baby! I love it, but what's it mean?", Juli announces after five seconds. "Well, babe, on your right arm is Jah's true name. While on your left is your designation as an angel. All written in Hebrew.", Amber's voice is a sensual caress on Juli's mind. "Woah, that's like more amazing and breathtaking than I had imagined! Thank you!", he remarks. "Oh, and the little symbol near your magic stick is Aum, this Universe." Turning from Amber's enchanting form to the mirror. He smiles and states, "Well, I'm set. What about you?" At which point Amber gets up, and blinks a white dress that a geisha would wear. "You like, baby?" she asks with an inquiring voice. "Let's g”, she mumbles as her hands surround Juli.

The End

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