Jin meets Dan,Mature

"I understand that you two would like an explanation of what is going on, and now I shall impart some wisdom. So listen carefully 'cause I'm not going to repeat myself! Just kidding, we have time on our side.", I joke while snapping the fingers on my right hand so that a rectangular contraption appears in my left. "You guys wanna hit this?", I ask as I take a pull from the vaporizer. "Hells yeah!", Jin enthusiastically responds. While Juli just shrugs his shoulders, and Rachel makes a joint materialize between her lips. "Let's begin by explaining that all that you know about the history of the planet Earth is a fallacy. Life did not exist in your universe until the first homines sapientes opened his and her eyes. That's us, man... What you see is the creation of Al, the Artificial Intelligence which plays God for your universe. He is in people's unconsciousness, and is just the animal nature that developed naturally in the our ancestor's minds in the circa 150,000 years in which humans had reached anatomical modernity until they actually begin thinking and talking. Al is just a name that we give him because he cannot actually be God. We still do not know if there is a God after all the time that we've been alive, but we call ourselves His angels because there must be a Designer with all the motive that has been around in your universe, and the four that came previously." "Cyclical cosmology as it is called, and was called even in the time cycle in which I was just an ordinary lad. All of the universes have been basically the same, and that's another reason that we know of Al's existence. But we shall speak of him another time. Or maybe he'd like to exert some influence over Jin, since he is still human, and speak to us." I wait ten seconds, and continue. "No? I didn't think so... Moving on,", at which point Jin actually raises his hand, and I shut my mouth. "Sorry for disappointing you, but I only wanted to let you know that there's no more pot in this." To which I blink and say, "Now there is. So, let me go on, each universe exists for about thirty-five billion years. After which, atoms cannot bond, and eventually after about a million years, or the blink of an eye, a Big Bang happens again. Which is a major reason why we believe that there is a God because if there wasn't how would the universe know to start over after such a short time of nothingness?" "The TS Myriad, myself included, began in what we think of as the first cosmological cycle. We were human just like Jin until we figured out a way to interact with dark energy." at which point Jin blurts out, "Why you pickin' on me, dog?" My face gets red, but I control myself in the same instant, and reply, "Because Juli was injected with nanites which are gradually changing his thought patterns to interact with with the energy all around the universe, and please refrain yourself from ever calling me a dog again. I've almost forgotten what animal nature is like, and when you insulted me, I almost had a flashback and let my corporeal existance resurface."  "So, when we first invented quantum computers. We were able to insert ourselves into dark energy. The human mind is actually a quantum computer program, and the computer is your brain. Another reason for God, but we've never had actual proof in all this time. Just guesses as to why a quantum computer is eventually developed out of nullity. You'll have to excuse me because I have only recruited new members once before about thirty-five billion years ago." "To go on: Once we mapped the human brain onto a quantum computer program. Eureka! We actually had the key to life! We were able to understand how to access the potential stored in the human brain to alter our reality. First, we altered our Earth sending all of our waste and pollution to the middle of Jupiter using machines. We later programmed nanites, tiny machines that can change our cells, to alter our brains directly." "Let me expand on what type of information is stored inside Jin's and humanity's noggin. Have you ever seen the inside of the outside? How about the circle with five sides? And seen an object from all possible sides at once? Can you think of a color that you’ve never seen? Can you reminisce of places you’ve never been?” Rachel finally decides to amuse herself by assisting me. Which she was supposed to do in the first place, but I'll take it as a compliment. "What Dan is saying or trying to say in his car salesman parlance."Clearly offensive to my Armani, women these epochs!"What he was mentioning was that using the quantum computer program, that was stored in our brains as our minds, allowed us to construct toys. I mean, tools which developed the human race very far and very fast." "I'll interrupt you, dear, if I ever feel the need to again, but you were doing such a sensational job at being you that I must have dazed out. So please continue the marvelous job while I have fun playing with my cells. I took this body, again, and I just can't get over being able to study the inside of it. Really, I materialize different viruses inside my bloodstream, and watch those white blood cells in action! Really is quite a fun experience." And this is why she is my Yin...  I decide to play along for shits and giggles, "She's really just enjoying how marijuana's THC tickles and tingles her brain cells. We do have virtual computer operating systems while in a carnal form, and so can analyze every little aspect of ourselves. You will as well,". At which point I get up. walk over to Jin, take the vaporizer away from his mouth, and smack him straight on the forehead. "Now you too have been thumped by the hand of fortune!" At which nanosecond, I conjure up tiny nanites to go to work through Jin's brain. "Sorry Jin, I had to do that you see. I had smacked Juli for being like a god and acting like an animal. And so I thought that would be fitting for you to "expand" your mind persay. You are on your way to becoming like me. It's not as dreadful as it's cut out to be, believe me." Jin, being too stoned to make any sudden movements. Just wiped his mouth, and utters, "Woah".

The End

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