Juli gets lost...Mature

II:   After spending the next two hours being booked. Julius was thrown in the drunk tank for the night. Juli tried to call Amber, but her cell phone did not accept collect calls. Wrapping the blanket they gave him around himself. He settled down to close his eyes. But sleep was far, far away. For all he could do was think on The Idea, "Since everything was once a whole before the big bang, then everything was entangled.  Then, one side of the universe must still be connected to the other, quantum nonlocality. What if this Universe is God's Consciousness?", he mused.  His thoughts replied quickly.  Asking him if he did not still believe the Eastern Philosophy that God breathed out the big bang, and keeps blowing This Breath until entropy reaches it's climax, and everything is so far apart that atoms cannot bond.  Then retracts His breath and blows out again.  Another big bang...  But, no!" he thought. "If this Universe is conscious as it seems to be according to quantum mechanics. Then there must be a higher lifeform."  His mind kept whirling with ideas so that he couldn't get to sleep until around 4 o'clock in the morning...This was what he thought about:   According to super-symmetrical string theory and M-theory, every particle is made up of little "strings" that vibrate in 10 dimensions. So, that adds up with the Hindu religious beliefs that God (Brahman) breathed out the universe.  It also corresponds to the Bible in that God had "said", Let there be light. Light being energy and energy being matter according to Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Then, the only way he could see empty space is that this is a program...  Quantum mechanics is the programming, and that's why everything obeys it's deductions. A conscious observer is needed to collapse the wave of probabilities for each particle, and therefore this program was created for each one of us. But why make a sentient being that would eventually figure out that they are stuck in this program with no way of getting out? The Eastern Philosophies regarding death always did intrigue him.  They say that once one becomes enlightened and dies. They become one with God. But then what? No more ego, would mean no more questions...  So, what good would all the answers be if there were no more questions? And then he slept. Got woken up 5 times around two to four A.M. by some assholes trying to make drug deals on the outside shouting through the bottom of their doors. When he really woke up at lunch time, and realized that he had missed work for two straight days. Juli hoped that they would bail him out of this predicament since he could not reach Amber. "Will you accept a collect call from: "Juli", an inmate at the North Broward County Jail?", asked the recorded voice of some distant woman. *click*"Julius? What happened?!?", Sarah, the receptionist asked. "It's all a big misunderstanding Sar. Let me speak with Joe Armstrong. I need to post bail, and you guys are my only hope.", Juli replied. "I'll transfer you right over, Mr. Gris." and he heard another click."Hello, this is Joe. Julius Grisette, you have decided to grace me with your melodic voice. Why haven't you been at work for the past two days?" After trying to explain his current situation, Juli started to explain his epiphanies. "Woah, woah, woah Julius. You need to get your thoughts in order. A little at a time Julius. Just what is wrong?", Joe tried to suggest to Juli. "I'll try to tell you more elaborately in person, Joe. Thanks for this..." After about five hours, Juli walked out the back of the jail, and started walking home. It was almost seven o'clock in the evening. The sun had set, and Juli had no money, only a pack of cigarettes, a lighter, and his keys. Oh, how he was thanking God that at least he had smokes! It took him more than an hour to finally reach his doorstep. After which, he just collapsed on the living room armchair, and dozed off for a few.  Waking up some time later. Juli decided to call Amber, and apologize for missing out last night. After three rings Amber picks up: "Hello, Juli. Glad we can speaAHHHHH UHHHHMMMMk." Amber panted and moaned."Amber, what the fuck are you doing?", Juli asked..."I'm so AHHH glad we can finally speak Juli. I'm fucking Jim, and am so AHHH UMMMM fucking over you. Get lost, Juli!" Juli hung up the phone and decided to smoke a cigarette, in the house. Screw it all, he thought! He got arrested, and treated to a long night next to bums and delinquents instead of a warm bath and some nookie, now he lost his girlfriend. What next? It was 11:36, and Juli could not sleep... So he turned on his computer, put on his head-set, and logged in to Eve Online. "That's strange", he thought. Being docked in S0U-M0, in what was Against ALL Authorities' staging base for his corporation, Nulli Secunda. It was now a BoB (Band of Brothers) station named Solevette.  When did this happen? Not seeing anyone else in station, nor in Local. He decided to pack up all his ships into a carrier, and jump clone back for his jump freighter. Within five minutes, he was ready to go, and made the final preparations of having his alternative account go and light a cynosural field so that he could safely jump back to high-security while he figured things out. With his alt character floating in deep space and the cyno field lit. He undocks his carrier... Immediately he is webbed and warp scrambled so that he cannot make the jump to safety. Consequently, torn to pieces in less than thirty seconds. Juli had forgotten to check the local comms again for traffic! Jeez, what a newbie move... He was so mad at himself that he takes his keyboard, and smashes his monitor until both keyboard and monitor are two piles of conjoining plastic and a gelatinous trash. Liquid crystal display monitor all leaked out... Ahhh, what a heart-wrenching game. Over one thousand dollars worth of virtual space ships and equipment gone in less than a minute! Juli decided to get drunk on beer, but after finishing the two that were left in his fridge. He wanted to get more, and could not since Florida stopped selling alcohol at two Ante Meridiem.. And so, he tried to go to sleep. He kept tossing and turning in his bed for at least three hours. Finally, having fallen asleep. He dreamt, and this is what he dreamed:He dreamed that he was in a warm, safe, cocoon. After what seemed like ten seconds, he emerged from the cocoon into a bright shining light. Then he started to fly, but not like a bird. First, he was on the ground, then five thousand feet in the air, and he could see all life on the Earth in his mind. "I give all this to you!!!" said a booming voice. Then he woke up to his morning alarm clock... Grabbing a cigarette, and his cellphone. He headed outdoors to light up the best cigarette of everyday, the first. Smoking blithely, he looked at his cellphone. "Oh brother", he thought. It was 9:57 A.M. and he was supposed to be at work two hours ago. "Jesus, how am I to explain this?!?" At which point, he decided to call in to work, and beg for forgiveness, again. "North Broward Research, how may I help you?", inquired the Sarah. "Hi, this is Juli again... I'm going to be in in half an hour.", Juli replied. "Ok, Julius. You head straight to Mr. Armstrong's office when you come in. He wants to talk to you." Taking a quick shower, brushing his teeth like a normal day. Then putting on a pair of shorts with a Bob Marley t-shirt, he stepped out. Research scientists are an eccentric bunch, and no formal office wear was required. Walking the six blocks to work, his mind turned back to The Idea:Since everything can be predicted exactly with Quantum Mechanics. Once we research it all the way, and get experimental proof, we shall be able to interact with this "program" of a universe. After all, all the laws of physics are just like a computer program! You do this, you get this... Cause and effect, input and output. Karma, karma, karma! With a quantum computer, we can even map out our brains, and I'm sure that one day, we can save our egos or souls. Live forever like godlike beings. And maybe, if we find a way to save our souls on some type of everlasting storage device...  So on went his mind until he was standing at the doorstep of the North Broward Physics Research Institute. Opened the door, stepped in, and this is what he saw: Everyone was packing their pictures and personal effects into boxes. He boggled at just what the hell was going on. The receptionist saw him, and told him to get into Mr. Armstrong's office, on the double. "Hey Joe, what's going on?", Juli inquisitively asked his boss. "We're moving, Julius. Bangor, Maine is our next home.", Joe replied without a blink."What the hell! What do you mean moving? I've worked for you for over six years, and this has never happened. Why are we moving?""You know what, Juli? When I said, We, I did not mean You. You are fired because of a multitude of things. Your severence pay was your bail, go to court and you can still get it. Now get out of my sight!"

The End

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