Juli awakes...Mature

Two men become gods via the previous cyclical cosmologies.

December 17th, 2012 Woke up, got out of bed...  The thoughts still racing through his head.  If only Juli could slow them down!  The anxiety of not smoking anymore was getting to him.  He had not touched a cigarette for a week.  Now this, of all things, had to develop in his mind.  He had been a quantum mechanical physicist for 6 years, but the ideas that had occurred to him last night were just too immense in the daylight. And so, he slipped out of his front door, heading to the nearest store to buy a pack of smokes.  The meaning of what his ideas could indicate would change quantum mechanical physics, and in fact, all of science!  Julius Gris had finally thought of an answer to an enigma that had been troubling him since middle school...  Just why was it that Alain Aspect's "Bell test experiments"  worked?   Aspect had shown how sub-atomic particles smashed Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity.  Which had stated that no object can move, or communicate faster than light. With each drag from his Marlboro Light his mind calmed, and he was able to think rationally again.  Soon enough, his previous anxiety disappeared.  Only to leave impending dread right behind.   He had overslept, the sun was high in the sky, and he had just woken up!  Oh, how he wished that he did not have this bloody job.  If only he could get his own research grant so that he could wake up as he wished!  And with another drag his mind went back to The Idea,  “But how could it be?  How can consciousness create matter, and not vice-versa.”   Finishing his cigarette, he decided to call in to work. "North Broward Research, how may I direct your call?",  the receptionist asked.  "Hi there, it's Juli.  I'm not coming in today, the boss will understand when I explain tomorrow.", he quickly replied.  The thoughts in his head did not give his logic time to think about what he was saying.  Onwards home, with another 'bro between his lips, a mind full of questions, and now, finally, some answers.   A conscious observer is required, according to quantum mechanics, in order to literally have objects exist.  Mathematics and experiments have proven that quantum mechanics is as accurate as Newton's Laws of Motion, and poor Schrodinger's cat is still neither alive nor dead. Last night, as he was relaxing behind his computer screen. His mind wandered as he was flying his third of a mile ship towards Jita.  Making his weekly run to get supplies back to the lawless space in which he lived with his comrades. "What if there was no matter, only energy? Einstein's Theory of Relativity declares that matter is only energy at rest. On that note, what if our brains can affect this energy. Our brains do have dark matter/energy between the neurons’ synapses." So it continued until he logged off for the night (five minutes later) in order to ponder on the subject some more.     Sitting on his leather armchair, his brain turned back to it's cravings for nicotine, but he willed himself to concentrate solely on the topic at hand. Quantum Mechanics, and why conscious observers could resolve a Quantum Probability Wave (shown through experiments, sub-atomic particles like photons chose one path or the other when observed, but went through both paths when they weren't). "Electrons cannot show an interference pattern when no one's looking, but they do. Only to show two distinct paths when they are observed." he cogitated. "Our minds are created by, and so lodged in our brains. What if it all has to do with "dark" matter/energy. There is one nanometer, at least, for every 3 square inches of normal matter." At around three in the morning, and after much pondering on the subject. He had The Idea, "What if, everything was consciousness! What if, life is essential to sustain everything that there is? If there was no life left, this reality ceases to exist. I mean, no one would care if there was nothing because there would be no one to give it thought. By that deduction, there must be a God because there was a time after the Big Bang when life had not yet started." With that last thought, he started to consider that he needed sleep, "When you start thinking about God doing science, you need rest, old boy." he thought to himself. Turning off the lights, he went into the bedroom, and passed out as soon as his head hit the pillow. His parents had been avid Jehovah's Witnesses, but he became a scientist to rebel their ardent, but blind faith. He had needed a break from work, and his daydreams of last night would satisfy his boss' questions for missing a day. Playing pool with the college crowd at the local bar. He walked back home, and thought about what to do next. After getting home for five seconds he grabbed a beer from the fridge, and turned on his computer. Ahh, old Eve (having beta tested the game back in 2002, then playing on and off for 10 years, Eve was old by gaming standards). He was just in time for a fight with the Russian alliance of Solar Fleet. Along with his buddies from Nulli Secunda, Juli went to battle, and died admirably in his Naga after managing to kill over fifty enemy vessels with his fleet. He really loved flying with this corporation and it's Flight Commanders. They really had elite tactics which left the enemy wondering where the fleet was going to strike from next. All good and well, by five in the afternoon after things had died down, and after he had made some in-game money. Juli decided to call his girlfriend of three and a half months."Hi, honey...  How was your day?", Julius asked Amber. "Where have you been last night?  I've tried your cellphone over ten times!", she nagged back.Amber was a controlling nymphomaniac. What a combination! Juli sure knew how to pick them, but the sex was just too good with Amber to need anything else. So he calmly replied, "Babe, I've figured out life! Seriously now, I've come up with so many new ideas on Quantum Mechanics that..." "Stop, you know that I don't want to hear that scientific crap, Juli. I'm coming over shortly, please set up some candles I'm feeling romantic.""Do you want me to run some water for the jacuzzi?", he didn't have a jacuzzi, just a bathtub where they had a lot of "fun" previously."You do whatever you feel like Juli, I guess I'll bring some bubbly if you're going to run a bath. I'm leaving right now, be there in fifteen." And so, Juli turned his frown upside down, and started to design a romantic evening for the two of them. He had no food worth preparing, but after grabbing ten candles out of the pantry and turning the water on in the bath. He slunk away to the store to get another pack of Marlboro Lights. Hurrying, his mind slipped back to The Idea, and all that it meant. "Now, according to super-symmetrical string theory. Everything is made up of tiny "strings" that vibrate in eleven dimensions. What if these dimensions are just imaginations in this Cosmic Consciousness, call it God? Well, yes and no," he thought... "Everything would be in it's imagination, but these dimensions must be real because our four are real. But what if our 4 dimensions (width, length, height, and time) are concretely implemented, and the other seven are just imaginative? As in, they're whimsical in God's mind, and not accessible from our four dimensions." And he runs head on into a stop sign. "Jesus H. Christ, where'd that come from?!" His nose was bloody, and he had nothing to stop the bleeding. So, he used his shirt, and looked around. He had walked right past his destination.  So, he took the last cigarette out of its pack.  With the Marlboro between his lips, he reached into his right pocket to get the lighter. Nope, no lighter... Muttering another curse, he turned around and quickened his step.  Back at the convenience store, now, he opens the door. Only to be almost knocked over by a person running out of the store. "What the hell is with today?!", he thought somberly. "We're closed, I just got robbed!", the clerk informs Juli. Now, wanting a cigarette so desperately. This had to happen!"I just need a pack of smokes and a lighter, Muhammed." "I'm sorry, Jules, but no cigarettes for you until the police show up.""Now wait, man! You know me, just let me get a pack of Lights.""Ok, fine... but I've got no change, Juli. Just pay me ten dolla and we'll call it even.""Always trying to make a profit, aren't you Mike?""Hey, it's America... Supply and demand, you should know this."Grabbing the cigarettes, and a bic with his left hand. Juli reaches into his back pocket with his right. "Oh, shiznickle!", no wallet either."Hey Mike, I'll pay you for these tomorrow.", Juli stated."No, no, no! You pay now or you give cigarettes back. I just got robbed, and I won't remember anything else that happens tonight.", Mike/Muhammed replied."That's ok, Mike. I'll remember," Juli said walking to the door."Juli, I am warning you! Give cigarettes back..."To which, Juli just headed out the door without a look back. He got one block towards home. When a police car pulls over in front of Julius. "Put your hands on your head, and turn around! NOW!!!", the bullhorn announced to the semi-deserted street of Plantation, Florida. "What the ...", Juli thought. "But I didn't, oh shit... That vindictive son of a", Juli pleaded with the officer. "You're under arrest for Petty Theft at the Qwik Stop on 29th Avenue and Sunrise Boulevard. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be used against you in the court of law.", the officer told Juli. He then proceeded to pat Juli down, and took away his cigarettes and keys. Throwing Jules in the back seat of his Crown Victoria. He told Julius to shut his mouth because Juli was stating again and again that this was a mistake and that the Arab who served him cigarettes everyday was robbed by somebody else. "The store was robbed by two men. With one of them fitting your description. You even have blood on your shirt like the assailant who stole nothing but a pack of cigarettes, and hey, you even had those said cigarettes!..." And so, Juli gritting his teeth, shut up. Knowing that nothing was going to change this officer's mind.

The End

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