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A girl named Audrey has been raised by a single mother. She doesn't know her father and she wants to meet him, but her mother is hesitant to answer questions about him. Every time she asks, her mother just ignores her and tries to change the subject. Now that Audrey is in high school, her mother feels that it's time for her to know the truth about her father.

          The sun shone down upon a small grey house. The yard in front was filled with a variety of flowers and a tree. The tree's leaves swayed in the breeze, rustling a little. The sky above was clear and shone a brillant blue. A bird chirped and landed in the little tree. It sung a little tune and stared down at the grass searching for something to eat.

          I got up slowly and held out my hand, wondering up the little bird would hop on my outstreched finger. It stared at me and wondered what I was up to. It's little feathered head cocked to the side and his eye watched me. Then he decided that I wasn't worth it and flew away. I sighed and laid back down in the grass. The smell of it filled my nose and I closed my eyes to take it all in. It was great to be able to relax after a hard day at school.
         It was my junior year at high school and I still didn't know who my father was. People said that I was a bastard child. I knew that couldn't be true, although my mother never talked about him. She loved me and I knew that for a fact. It didn't matter if I was a bastard child because she loved me and that's what truly mattered. Though the question about who my father was still buzzed in my head like an angry bee.

          There had to be a good reason why he left us. He was probably some business man that loved my mom, but was too busy to be around us. I wasn't sure if he sent child support or not, but one thing that was for sure was that mom had no pictures of him anywhere. I was left to picture what he might look like by identifying what parts of me looked like my mother. My idea was that he was probably tall and handsom. He was probably dark eyed since I had my mom's eyes and he was most likely a reddish brown brunette like me since my mom was blonde.

          "Audrey, come with me to the store," commanded my mom, inturrupting my thoughts.

          I got up and got in the passenger seat of the car with my mom. As she started the car, she looked in the mirror and adjusted her makeup. She was always so pretty. Her short slightly curly blonde hair made me jealous. My eyes were hers, a golden color around the pupil that faded out to a gray and then dark green. Her lips were slightly full and plump. She was middle-aged at the age of thirty-five. I was proud to have such a great mother.

          Now if only I could say the same about my father.

          "Mom, where's dad?" I asked, sensing a future fight.

          "Not this again, Audrey. Your father is not something I like to talk about," she replied, sighing deeply. "We've gone over this."

          "But I deserve to know who he is. Do you know where he lives? I just want to meet him at least once. If he's a douche then I won't ever bring him up again."

          "He's not someone that I want you to meet at all."

          "But he's my daddy. Everyone else gets to meet their dads."

           She hit the steering wheel. "I do not want to talk about this! Get out! I'll go to the store myself!"

          I exited the car and stood there watching while she sped out of the driveway. This had been our fifth fight this week. Lately I had been bugging her about my father. I wanted to meet him and possibly get to know him. It all happened because my friend's parents had recently gotten divorced. She had asked me about my parents and I hadn't known the answer to if they were divorced or not.

          Dropping the painful thought of my father, I took my phone from my pocket and text my best friend asking if I could come over to talk. The smooth buttons were quick angainst my fingers as I text quickly. After I sent the message I looked up at the sky again. There wasn't much to look at though. It was more exciting when there were clouds. You could find thousands of pictures in them, making an endless game of "I-spy".

          My phone rang and I answered it.

          "Hello?" I asked into the reciver.

          "Audrey? It's Seth. What happened?" questioned Seth, moving something around.

          "I got in another fight with my mom. Are you on your way to pick me up?"

          "Yea. I had to bring Brice with me, so igore him. Stupid rule about driving with a twenty-three year old or older in the car with a license..." he muttered, drifting off. "I'm close by, see you really soon."

          "Alright. See ya."

          I hung up and waited. He was around the corner. I knew because I could hear the music blasting from the speakers. That's how his brother listened to his music. Brice was a jerk, but he was the only way Seth was able to drive. I approached the car as it stopped in front of my driveway.

          "Brice, you drive," stated Seth, getting into the back seat with me. "So what's going?"

          "I asked about my dad again. She really seems to hate him. I'm dying to meet my father though, you know? Everyone else knows who their dads are even if they don't like them," I replied, letting it all spill out.

          "Well give her time. She'll come around eventually. You've been bugging her for weeks now. There will come a time when she's had it with the bugging and she'll be out with it," he replied, smiling kindly. "Just remember that whatever she tells you, you asked for it. Okay?"

          I nodded and stared out the window. Houses and people whizzed by. Brice drove more reckless than an underground street-racer, not that Seth was any better. There would be a day when he hit something that was moving instead of stationary.

          "School was hella boring today, huh? By the way, how are you and Connor? Still on a break?" asked Seth, yawning.

          "Yea. I don't think that I'm going to get back together with him. He gets too jealous and he's being mean to too many of my friends. He's rude to you," I replied, turning to him.

           "I guess. Fuckin asshole is what he is. I haven't done anything to him," commented Seth, pulling a blunt out of his pocket.

           I stared at the weed in his hand and took it gently. "You don't need this. Please stop doing it."

          "I'm not doing it around you anymore. You know that I always hold up that part of our deal. Here, give it back."

          I handed it back to him. He did always hold up his part of our little deal. He was never high around me or when he talked to me. I didn't like it when he was like that. It wasn't my Seth. My Seth was a sweet heart who cared about me. In truth, there was one actual reason I had broken up with Connor. I liked Seth.

          Seth was hotter than Connor and I've also known him longer. When I first met Seth back in sixth grade, I knew that I like him. There was something about the way he smiled and the way that his hair was shaggy. His eyes were an average brownish green. He was paler than me, but he was taller. I had to stand on my tip-toes to give him a hug. I knew he was high if he didn't text me back or call me. It was just the way things were with us. We were good friends and I enjoyed that.

          My phone rang and interrupted my thoughts.


          "Audrey, come home. I'll tell you about your father."

The End

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