schoolgirls accidentally travel into a magic dimension where they discover powers. the events described happened at least a year after they arrive in the new dimension.

Xymea found herself void of emotion when she lowered her hands which were enveloped in the fire that she summoned at will. She looks at the frozen figure before her; a figure which will forever be posed in suffering that was felt more in the heart than on the flesh. The figure’s face was a metaphor of pain, its clenched fists ironically showing a sign of weakness instead of strength.

It was strange that Xymea thought of it as a figure now, not a friend. She had just spent the last year protecting every inch of skin of this now frozen friend, yet she was the reason for her friend’s demise – a death unnaturally prolonged by the cruel ice.

“But you’re not dead yet, are you, Laelia?” Xymea muttered. “The ice will keep you preserved – your body never to rot; your soul never to flee. I have fulfilled the pact – I have always protected you from death and I will protect you one last time. I will keep you safe from these flames that itch to consume you. Never had I felt fire so eager to take a life.” With that, Xymea walked away, Laelia’s pained expression slowly slipping, fading away.

She found it easy to forget.

The End

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