A) The Doctor and I decided to take the government on and fight its prohibition legally

The doctor that was forced underground was very cunning! He told me that we could take the government on! the only thing that I didn't like was that he said in order for me to take the government on i needed to learn to control my temper.

I said to him "the only reason that the school was made was to make pyro people control there temper but they still closed it down" he didnt have a responce to that one. but as i stated before the doctor was very cunning and soon persuaded me to take private lessons from him!

"lets get started" i said

he just looked at me! it was like he was waiting for something! then something clicked! this was a way to control my temper so i needed to be respectful

i managed to say "um...sir"

he nodded whith approval. i realized that i didn't quite know his name

"ummm what is your name sir"

he replyed "you can call me Mr. Adroit... lets get on with the lesson! only today i am going to tell you about the danger that you will be forced to fight if you want to take on the government. They are called the Hydros, or water people that can kill you in one moment..."

The End

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