Pyramids of Giza: Part Three

Vendetta-Current Day


                I open my eyes and stare at the grey-white wall. It’s seven-fifteen a.m. I slept in too late. Alessandro won’t be happy. I was supposed to be there at six. I roll out of bed and land in a crouch, then straighten up and walk to the mirror that Alessandro’s wife, Quorra persuaded him to get me. She said every girl, even girls like me should have one.

                I’m still in my training clothes, I was too tired to change out of them last night. I re-tie my hair back into a braid and sprint out the door to the training center.


                “You are late, Vendetta.”

                “I know, and I apologize, Master Alessandro.”

                He turns away from watching two male recruits sparring. “Vendetta, you know I think of you as a daughter, but you cannot be late.”

                I say nothing.

                “Since this is only the first time, I should give you a light punishment. But, as I do not want you to acquire bad habits, since you are the best we have, I will give you a harsher punishment.”

                I press my lips together tightly and stay silent.

                “Today you shall be training with Ilario.”

                He turns around and resumes watching the sparring, meaning I’m dismissed. I stiffly walk out of the room. Alessandro knows I hate training with Ilario because he is the only one who can actually hurt me before I hurt them. Ilario is the reason I was so tired last night. He knocked me out with a practice spear. Today I will make him pay for that.

The End

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