greg: she had no idea

My heart was going so fast i couldnt belive it she was pregnant, what unearth ... me a dad no i couldnt be i was no were nere ready. i wasnt planing on being a dad for atleast another 7 or 8 years. i mean im only 18 for crying out loud. lizzie was ready she's always been the type of person whod be an amazing mum, shes caring , loving and so kind. and i was just an ordanery 18 year old boy from wales. nothing spiecal nothing new.

she was so happy even thought in 9 months shed be giving birth to a water melon, i tried to smile to but i was ackeing all over. my head was spinning and my body was sweating so much that i could fell my hand sliding out of hers. i was so scared but i couldnt show it.

 i love lizzie so much words couldnt describe it every time she was ad i would crumble with her. i had to stay strong. i looked at her talking to the teacher, she was glowing. so happy and cheerfull. she was smiling so much i assumed her mouth must be going to fall of. but that didnt stop her. looking over at me she gave me a big smile then a little wink. i pushed a smile back but i new my face wasnt looking so happy, there was a look of unhappyness on it.

sensing my mood she walked over to me and spoke" i now your feeling guilty for feeling upset. so.... i understand if your finding it hard to say it... you want to break up with me and i dont blame you... you dont have to be involved." inturupting i gasped and replied" lizzie how dare you say i want to break up with you... that never even crossed my mind. im upset because your so happy and im still finding it hard to get my head around it."

she looked confised then she sighed in relief she put her arms round my waist and pulled me into her so her head rested on my bulcky chest.. she pulled back because we were still in school and then she said " im affraid to."  i found that really hard to belive but noddign i answered " i am to you have no idea."

" common hurry up and get on with your work." i grinned at her she gave me a smug look and truned around and carried on with her work. i felt a little more secure and calmer but there was still a furnase rageing through my body like someone had sat on me with a buring source pan. but as long as my reason was happy it was absoultly inpossible for me not to be.

The End

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