you didnt expect that did you

I waited by the tree , it was a clod wet monday morning same as usual for wales in newtown. i was so ancouis to see him, to tell him. i hadnt even got my head around it yet never mind anyone else.

looking up the dirty road i saw the yellow bus coming for me . as it got closer i saw greg's face looking at me out of thw window he gave me the usuall big grin and wink. his hair was soo gloden and messy that it was almost irasitable to resist. his bg green eyes glaring at me through the foggy filthy glass.

as i walked onto the bus he shifted about in his seet he waved at me and called me over. i think he could tell i was nervous , it was very obvious , twitching and scratching. sitting next to him he put his hand on mine i pulled mine away he gave me a look as witch to say

that was a bit sharp.

he gave me a kiss on my cheek and spoke" are you okia you seem very... different." i sighed and answered" yess im fine, but i do need to talk to you." at that moment he looked very upset and he nodded. i gave him a look of reasurance wich by the looks of his face work a charm.

we got of the bus, greg took my bag of my shoulders and carried it in his massive hands. greg was 6ft 3 he was extremly tall. my back was hurting my mind was frazaled and i was so scared of telling him. i will tell him at break i thought, he had nowere to go, he couldnt leave school or atleast he wouldnt.

first and second lesson flied by it was asif the gods of time wanted me to tell him. the bell rang so loud my ears vibrated , i grabbed gregs large soft hand and i took him out into the english block, no one would be there so i could speak to him.

" okia, so basicly im late." i gave him a hint hopeing i wouldnt have to say anything else. like he was a genie my wish came true he just stood still for a while them croacked " oh...well then i guess you no what we have to do.. or you have to do shall i say." i didnt get it , what was he on about." whats that." i asked confussed." well we need to tell your parents and mine then we need to plan what were going to do, i mean if we keep it were are we going to live , how are we going to cope money wise... are we going to keep it." i was so uterly shocked what does he mean are we of cousre we are." yesss!!! ofcourse." he nodded and looked a bit scared then he hugged me a helled me close to him. i was so releaved that he wasnt angry. laughing i pulled away and we set of not only to 3rd lesson but in our new life with not only greg and lizzie but with a little baby. I felt happy and i loved it.


The End

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