Lizzie: i couldnt ruan him

I ran out of bed tying my hair back, flinging myself by the toilet. I felt so sick it was unreasliticly unbalevable. as i stared to feel a bit better, i went back into my bedroom. The pale blue silk curtains were drawn back , i turned my t.v. on, turning my calender to the rite day, i realised the date. after standing still for about 10 minutes ,i shook my head trying to get rid of the gaze i was trapped in. today was the 24th. no that couldnt be wright because then that would mean i was 6 days late and then that would mean that i could be ... pregnant. i thought i had the flu but all the pieces satred to fit into the cracks. i ran to my wardrobe throwing on any thing and ran down my stairs i wrote a note to mum saying

back soon gone to town to post a letter.

i had to make some excuse up, running to my white little car , i tripped over some pebals. grabbing on to the car door with the tips of my fingers i pulled myself up to and slumed in my car. setting of on my journey to the loacl chemist i stared shaking i was terrified and angry and i couldnt call Greg. Oh my goodness what would he say, as i calmed my self down ready to enter the chemist i remebered somthing greg said a while ago.

what ever happens im here for you and i mean anything.

i hoped that was true i really did.

as i entered the chemist it felt like everyone was staring at me , from every angle . aproching the shelf i was looking for i picked up the cheapest test, just for luck i took too. making my way to the till i felt everyone was turning to look at what was in my hand . i shuffled to the till and put the tests on the counter. the tall wommen woth bright white hair flowing for miles just stared at me with her big green eyes. i gave her my most chrming smile, she just gave me a look of dissaproval. she probably was thinking i was to young and stupid , i was young 17 but i looked about 14 so it was eve more embarasing. as the wommen handed the back to me i gave her the money my cheeks were bright rossy red . i walked as quickly as possible out the door. grajely my walk speeded up into a jog and till in the end i was  sprinting. i reached my car unlocked it, got in . put the test on the floor so no one could see them . i turned the car on and put my foot down. i wanted to find out for sure a soon as possible.

i ran throught the door flinging my coat on the floor , running up the stairs making sure not to wake anyone up. it was still only 12 o'clock and mum and dad had no work today, my mum was a waitress and my dad worked in a factory. my brothers and sisters were allready out and about with there freinds so i ran into the batheroom and pulled the tests out.

i waited so anckshesly, i was fijeting beond bellife but what ever i did i could stop.  looking at my watch i realised i only had 20 seconds left to wait, i counted down every second that passed i got even more stressed and wored up. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 i picked up both the tests. opening my eyes i realised that there were too blue lines on the tests... i was..pregnant. all other worrys left my mine and one consumed me , what would greg say, would he leave me would he want to get rid of it... i couldnt tell him how could i. i new i would have to but when and where and how? ill do it tommorow in school atleast then he cant avoid me.

The End

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