why now

"so you wanna come round to mine tonight, mum and dad are out so we could have time with just us." i hoped her reply would be yes, we never have time alone. I mean i like havning alone time with her, but not because i want to do stuff with her, although we have , i think lately after the whole situation with her dad and stuff i don't really think nows the time to bring it up. she broke me out of my day dream and spoke" alright , actually i was going to ask you if i could come round, i need to talk to you about somthing." i was shocked i didnt think she wanted to brake up with me, mabey i was over reacting i held her hand and smiled" arite lets go then." as we walked down the dirty cobaled pavement i rapped my arms round lizze's tiny waste. she ran her elligant gental fingers throught my blonde messy hair , her hand lowered and brushed my cheek. i grabbed her face and tenderly lay my lips on her smooth forehead. she smirked and one half of her mouth went up.

We took three steps up to the porch, flower pots so colourfull all around are feet. The big blue front door had a huge key hole, i spent a moment looking for the key,  i pulled out i diry old fashioned key and slipped it into the door i turned it around and then we entered my house. My house was quite big my paretns were both lawers and they had a good pay each. lizzes carer parents werent so well off, lizzie had 2 sisters and 3 brothers she was the oldest though lizzie was lucky that when she went into care her brother and sisters were  able to go with her to the sma e place to.i turned to face her"you can put your coat on the stairs." i smiled, we made our way up the cream carpet stairs to my bedroom." okia soo lets talk."  i said as we both sat on my double bed with a black quilt and pillows." okia so, i wanted to talk about us and well about us getting closer ... you now what i mean." i couldnt belive it , it was either she wants to wait till marrige or she wants to do it now , hopeing it was the second option i replied" okia then what about it... so what about it do you want to talk about."

 we sat there for a moment quiet then she breathed in." well as you now its been a rough couple of months and i just havent been ready to be that close to anyone , until now. i want you to now that i love you, very much and you are my only reason i could carry on through the tough times." she looked pail and stared into space i knew the memories were hard for her to rememer, it hurt her to talk about it, trying to take soem of the pain away i wispered" i now , i love you to , and whenever your ready ill be there but theres no rush okay?" shaking she exhaled as she did her ribs rattled in my arms" what if im ready now ?" with out a reply her lips where on mine, she was pulling me closer to her , the flame in my heart began to spread all round my body, i felt like i was buring i was red hot and about to explode into a million minute pieces. my heart was racing at a spead wich should be allgal, her arms wer rapped around my neck and her hands were in my hair pulling and tugging. my arms were tightly wrapped around her hips grabbing them as if for my life , by now her hands were wondering on my shaking body all over me, she started unbuttening my shirt, i took her top of , eventually this was it me and lizzie forever what could stand in our way now.

The End

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