pushing boundreys


I inhaled the filthy air that hung lingering around me , every breath i took in shook my ribs, i waited paitiontly , sitting on the school bus ,rowdy teenagers screaming and shouting to the point that my ear drums felt like they were going to burst into a million pieces. as we pulled up to the next stop i saw the beutifull site i was greeted to every morning.

There stood cold and wet drenched from the frezzing rain was the reason i breathed , the reason i got up in the morning. as the yellow bus doors opened , there walking towards me was my purpose."hey , missed anything  exciting on the bus" lizze's voice blocked out all the racket from the rest of the bus. she looked so perfect as usuall, her long coal black hair droped over her fragile frame fitting perfectly into the curve of her spine. her shocking blue crystal eyes stole my attension with one galnce and her velvaty low sexy, voice, was so enchnting, it drew me in more every word she spoke.she was the most beutifull seventeen year old girl ever and she was mine." no, the usual you look nice today." i tried to keep my cool, but my blood was pounding through my vains like an volcanio was urrupting inside of me.

As ussual the ride to school was the same old. as we approched the school elizebeth or as she prefers to be called lizze turned to face me, i held my breathe trying to contain myself then she spoke the words " do you think theve forgotten" i looked at her with wide eyes , before the summer lizze ran into a bit of trouble, well a lot of it actually. her dad got sent  into prisson for drug dealing and as her mother passed away when she was seven lizze ended up in care and she didnt cope with it very well, in other words she got into drinking and drugs but luckaly she got help and is fine now. my heart raceing i answered " its been all summer , and i think that if anyone is stupid anough to mension it then they'll have me to answer to me." she leanded over to me and gently wispered into my ear " i love you." she reached over and took my hand and put it in her, they fitted perfectly, it was as if they had been perfectly carved for eachotheres. i gave it a sqeeze and then together we walked of the bus. together we could face the world.

I could feel her body shaking in my arms i held her close to me , i could feel her breath brush across my cheeks. she was freezing cold, i took my jacket of and rapped it around her. the shakeing began to calm down so i quickly spun her around to face me, her cheeks were rosy pink althogh her teeth were chatering. i looked into her eyes , we stood still for a while not letting the hundreds of students shake us at all, we broke are gaze and we began to move closer and closer untill are lips were pressed against one anothers, the pressure begain to build and the moment was so amazing , her lips were so soft and her kiss was so gental , the pressed against my lips so lightly but yet it was very hot and steamy. realising where we were , we pulled away and stood still just being together for a moment to long." this is a school, them sort of affectionat actions should be kept for outside these school gates." mr stuart warned.

the bell rang, and sudenly there were people rushing all over the place , pushing ans shoving it was like feeding time at the zoo. I took lizze's hand and quickly made a run for it down the dirty bussy hall ways.

The End

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