Pushin' Me Away {Chapter One: The Beginning}

Jonas Brothers Fan Fiction (=

Jessica and her family had been friends with the Jonas Brothers for as long as they could remember. All of them grew up together, and got along perfectly for years. But for all Jess knew, everything was about to change. By her side are Joe and Kevin, who are willing to help her do anything. But of course, Nick is lost, in his own world of course, and is caught up with Selena not-so-nice-pretty-much-an-um... Gomez. What will she have to do to get Nick back to hims

Joe had always called the girl with the un-tied shoe laces. From the time I had gotten my first pair of sneakers (with laces on that note) I could never manage to keep them tied. It was just one of those “things” about me. Kevin called me twinkle toes. At the age of three I dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer. But that was when I was three. But he never seemed to forget about it. And Nick had always called me Jessica. Well, that was, and still is my name. So what was so special about that? The ... way he said it. Is there really any other way of saying it? No, not really. He was the only one who could say it
“that way”. So sweet and calm. He had the voice of an angel. So yeah. Whatever.

I had always been friends with the Jonas Brothers. Our mothers met in high school and had been friends ever since. Both my mother and their mother had four kids. There was Kevin, Joe, Nick, and Frankie. And then there was Maddy, Lauren, me, and Kayla. So in all, there was eight of us. And we all called ourselves the Crazy 8’s.

As kids we were all neighbors in Wyckoff, New Jersey. We were all the best of friends, but we each had someone we just “cliqued with”. For me, it was Nick. We would always put on plays in his basement, and he most definitely made sure I was the princess he would dance with at the royal ball (if we were putting on a production of Cinderella, duh!). Bur Nick wasn’t interested in “puppy love”. He had something else on his mind, and it sure did not have to do with me.

Nick loved to act and sing. You named it, he could have done it. And trust me, he was pretty good. No matter what, I was always there for support, hoping his dreams would come true, but hoping he wouldn’t forget about me. But surely, he did.

As soon as Nick had been discovered, he started up on Broadway. I was so happy for him, but not too happy about the fact that we never got to see one another. He was 100% focused on his career and just seemed to forget about our friendship.

Year’s passed, and Nick wasn’t the only one who had become big. Joe and Kevin were by his side and the three of them made up the Jonas Brothers. My family and I went on tour with them. I mean, of course we were all still the Crazy 8’s, but we weren’t as close as we were back when we were kids. But just a few things, just seemed to stay the same.

My friendship with Joe had always been strong. He was my best friend! It was the same with Kevin; he was like the older brother I had never had. But even though Nick had change ever so much, I was in love with him. It hadn’t changed a bit. Even though it was very awkward when we were together, I was still in love with him. Even though I had a boyfriend, but that’s another story. So stay quiet for now…

After all of their touring ended, our families settled in Texas. And of course, we were neighbors once again. So that’s where this story begins…

The End

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