This is My Life

So what are these things than, if they are not people?

They are projections. They are for you only. Their life is meaningless. The only thing that matters about them is their relativity... to you.

Your mother's purpose is to raise you, teach you right from wrong, and help you out until you no longer need it.

Your best friend's purpose is to keep you entertained and help you feel better when no one else can. Your best friend will text you, call you, and fill your time with joyful activities.

Your teacher's purpose is to offer knowledge. Your teacher provides you with textbooks, instruction, and assessments of your progression through your education.

But they are not real. You are real. They are not real.

They exist for you only. They have no lives outside of their interactions with you, though you are unaware of it. They talk about other people you have not met, places you have not been, and acitivies you have never done before.

But they're all lies. Everything that supposedly "exists" in this world is deceitful. They don't exist, their conversations are not valid, and nothing matters but their "relationship" with you.

Imagine this world. Let it process. Pretend this one person that exists in the world is you.



This is my life.

The End

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