Pursuit of Understanding

What if you were the only person that existed on the planet.

I don't mean you survived a worldwide disease, or a natural disaster, or anything of that sort. I mean your world is exactly the same as it is right now...

Except you are the only human being.

Don't start thinking of everyone you would miss so terribly... They still exist in the same way they do now.

Except they are not real.

Confused? Ok.

Your world exists in the same manner it does now. You can look outside and see the same street, the same cars with the same drivers whizzing past, the same neighbor weeding the garden, the same little girl walking the same little dog that you see everyday. Nothing has changed.

Except... They are not real. What do I mean?

I mean they are not humans the way you are. You talk to them, ask their opinions, see them on television, hear them on the radio, read about them in the newspaper, and form likes and dislikes of them. But you are real. They are not.

You are the only human being that exists.


The End

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