Purple Pensioner(c)Mature


The Purple Pensioner


Chapter 1

Present Day

He couldn’t sleep last night, things had been turning over in his mind. He has come to this city for answers. The gloomy British weather is as miserable as he is. The rain beats hard on his head; he eventually gets out of the rain swept street, and enters the police station. Inside, he wipes his brow, and sees an agitated young blonde woman, at the reception desk. He glances at the pale green walls, and listens to her argument with the unshaven officer.


‘You’re so lucky you’re behind that glass barrier?’ snarls the young woman

‘Calm down lady you have to pay the fine, the ticket wasn’t visible’

 ‘The ticket must have fell off the dash board, screw you I’m not paying it, it’s     unfair’


The woman storms off and catches the drenched man checking out her figure, she firmly addresses him

‘What are you looking at pervert?’

He smiles as she leaves and walks up to the reception desk.

‘Can I help you?’ asks the unshaven officer

‘Carmell, transfer from Durham city, the Sergeant’s expecting me’

‘Can I see some identification?’

Carmell reaches into his wet black coat and pulls out his detective badge, he puts it up to the glass, and the officer stands up and opens the door.


‘This way please detective’ says the officer

The officer locks the door behind him, and leads Carmell into a small room, where the Sergeant is waiting.

The heavy set Sergeant, is sitting down at a table, sipping coffee from a ceramic mug. The guys name is Leroy Jones, and he elicited a shady aura that something wasn’t quite right about him, maybe it was his eyes, the way he looked at Carmell.

 Judging by his build, he could have also made a living as a bouncer. He was about forty, heavy, with blonde hair, in white uniform and black trousers.

‘Take a seat’

Carmell shakes his hand and sits opposite him, sergeant Jones begins to read Carmell’s file aloud.

‘Detective Steve Carmell served five years as a police officer, joined the crime investigation team, in 1999, been a detective since, parents killed in a car accident, divorced, a series of failed relationships, apparently you put your job first. Says here, you have been suspended on three occasions due to violence, and drinking, you sound like a loser, and you come to Longchester city, to solve the murder of Josh Gavin, why do  you care so much about him?’

‘He was my friend when my parents died, he helped support me, he was my godfather, now he’s been murdered and I’m going to find the cockroach that did it’

‘We have no leads, no witnesses, your wasting your time Carmell’

‘The Killer needs to be brought to justice’

‘Justice, don’t make me laugh, Josh Gavin was M.P, he ran the city, but really Giuseppe Bergomi runs Longchester’

‘The mob is here?’

‘Yes, unfortunately, I suggest you go back to Durham, and pretend to be a detective’

Carmell becomes angry

‘Listen ass hole, I’m not intimidated by anybody, I’m not afraid of gangsters, if you won’t help me, I’ll solve the murder myself’

‘What you and your SIG 226 pistol, believe me Carmell, you don’t know what you’re dealing with, they’re electing a new M.P at Speakers Park this afternoon’

Carmell stands up and says

‘Guess I’ll start at Speakers Park, you make me sick Jones’



She stands alone at the bus stop, feeling nothing but the pain in her legs and the aches in her back. The bus arrives ten minutes late, making her believe it’s going to be another one of those days. Clutching her walking stick, careful with every step, she gets on the bus, and shows the driver her disabled pass. Her best friends Doris and Mavis greet her, as she sits down. As the bus heads towards Speakers Park, she gazes out the window, and wonders what ever happened to this place? What happened to Longchester city?

For years Longchester wasn’t a bad place, but now crime is at an all time high, everyone’s on the take. The mob is still in town like an unwanted lodger that refuses to leave.

Longchester is located in the north of England. It is known for the old Roman Fort, many years ago. The city is mainly industrial; it is an extended urban hell, divided by Oakes town (south) and Brown town (north), Oakes town is a breeding ground for crime, full of alleys you don’t want to visit at night. Brown town is one of the more suitable places to live, rumoured to be home to the rich and powerful.  It has a docks area to unload ships, but nothing has passed through for a while.

The paparazzi aren’t brave enough to visit Longchester so in a time of fear and confusion the job of informing the public is the responsibility of the main newspaper The Daily Blah, It covers all the big stories, the Daily Blah staff will risk their lives to get a good photo opportunity. The police in Longchester are useless and corrupt, and if you ask me they only seem to show up, when the crimes have already been committed, they are more or less swat teams because of the huge crime rates, and because of the gun usage of the criminals.

Those in the force are described as lazy and are rumoured to be on the mobs pay roll. Not many police are honest, some take the law into their own hands, there are a few good cops though, it gives Longchester little hope, and with that hope one day the city could be good again. Until then the city is rapidly decaying, people are hanging on to the good old days, and what’s left of the cities history.

Many people enjoy the city’s museum and like to keep it preserved and visit regularly others enjoy the city’s night life and the senior citizens believe the best thing these days is the herbal tea factory, it has generated wealth throughout the years and the tea is still in high demand today. One particular person who loves herbal tea is the lady this story is about. Her name is Elsie Evans she is a sixty nine year old woman, she is the lady with the walking stick, she is 5 foot 4 inches in height, she is big boned, she has thick brown hair with shades of grey, curling and shoulder length, she has wrinkles like any old woman, but with bright healthy cheeks and sparkling eyes, she is wearing a purple cardigan and black leggings, her shoes are black and look comfortable.

She has no family in Longchester her late husband Gerry took a job here years ago, and she’s been stuck in this hell hole ever since. Elsie has a happy go lucky personality and never seems to complain much, she just gets on with life she believes she has to, but she does sometimes ponder how long she can, with her bad pains in her knees and back, she is on more pills than them druggies in Oakes Town, she is as blind as a bat but the pain killers and walking stick keep her going.

Elsie, Mavis and Doris get off the bus, as they arrive at Speakers Park.

Speakers Park is an area down town with a stage, it is where most political matters are solved or unsolved; politicians will make a speech, and try and convince the people of Longchester to vote for them. Everyone is talking about the murder of respected Member of Parliament Josh Gavin, he has been dead three months now and with Josh Gavin gone it’s time to re-elect a new M.P to run this city. No one has been able to get to the bottom of the murder mystery.

The first speech is underway; each politician has their own team, security, personal assistant, and treasurer. Carl Armstrong is giving his speech. Elsie, Mavis and Doris like to keep up to date with the city affairs and they haven’t got anything to do, until the over sixties club later. Speakers Park is now busy; the crowd is full of young and old giving their opinions, talking amongst themselves.

‘Let’s go and get a cuppa from the mobile burger van’ suggests Mavis

‘Good idea, I’m parched’ says Elsie

‘I’ll keep your spaces girls, get me a coffee’ says Mavis

Elsie and Mavis get drinks from the burger van and Mavis comments on the young blonde woman in front of them in the queue-

 ‘I don’t know where she’ll put that sausage sandwich be buggered’

‘Shh Mavis I think she heard you, she might have a high metabolism’

The young blonde woman turns round, and Elsie smiles at her and says

‘We were just saying, that you’ve got a good figure for a young lassie’


The young woman walks away and she smiles as she notices her boyfriend has arrived, he is part of security for another politician making a speech.

Doris is waiting on her own, when a dark haired hair man, knocks into her

‘Sorry it’s so busy here, have I missed anything?’

‘No pet, Carl Armstrong is just finishing his speech, there is going to be a interval’ says Doris

‘Have you heard anything about the death of Josh Gavin?’

Doris answers with a hint of sarcasm ‘Who are you a detective?’

‘Detective Carmell, I’m going to find out who killed Josh Gavin’

‘Well good luck pet’

Elsie hands Doris her coffee, and asks ‘who was he?’

‘Some detective says he’s going to solve the Josh Gavin murder’ says Doris

‘Good luck to him, he was a good man Josh Gavin’ says Elsie as she sips her tea.

After an interval a man makes his way onto the stage. He looks over-confident maybe arrogant, his face is chiselled, clean shaven with a dimple on his chin, he is a handsome man, slick short brown hair parted at the side, broad shoulders, he is 5ft 10 inches tall, and has an athletic build. His blue five hundred pound looking suit makes him look the part, and his red tie shimmers with life.

He finishes his cigarette and stares at the crowd, he doesn’t need to look at his notes, and he begins his speech, his voice oozes with confidence and importance, it made people take notice as if Moses had come down with new commandments. His security and the rest of his team are right with him, the onlookers are now silent.

‘I Am Charly Harry, Thank you all for coming, it is a shame what happened to Josh Gavin he was a good friend, R.I.P Josh you will be missed, with me in power, as your member of parliament I will bring the city into the 21st century, who cares about the Roman Fort, we can use the museum land to make casinos. I will make drugs legal, where you can buy it from your local shop, heck I’ll even help the fellas out by legalising prostitution, just put a little tax here and there, it’s about time we stopped talking about the herbal tea factory and make serious money for the city right guys?’

 The crowd becomes disappointed and slightly agitated, a young girl with long brown hair dressed in red shouts-

‘The city is supposed to be improving; the crime is bad enough as it is, you want to encourage gambling and prostitution?’

 Charly Harry sharply responds

‘The city is beyond saving, I think these things will improve it’.

The  young blonde woman in front of Elsie, who was at the burger van earlier thinks about what Charly Harry has said and is confused, she says-

 ‘You mention in power, I thought decisions where voted on’

The whole crowd picks up on the power comment, and they become a hostile angry mob. They are talking loudly amongst themselves, Elsie keeps her distance from the angry crowd, Charly Harry looks surprised by the crowd’s reaction, talking amongst his team, he mutters to a member of his security team-

‘Saunders you want to keep your girlfriend on a leash, look what that comments done’

The brown spiky haired security guards says nothing, Charly Harry walks back to the microphone and after a brief pause he says

 ‘You all need a little guidance; I just want to improve the city’

 The crowd aren’t convinced by Charly Harry and are worried about his ideas of changing the city; they want to keep the museum and don’t want it turned into a casino. An old man wearing a cap says

‘We can’t forget about the Roman Fort and herbal tea industry its part of our history’

 The crowd agrees and a teenage boy with a black hooded top adds-

‘I agree with the old man, with you as M.P things will go from bad to worse, you sound like a dictator’

Charly Harry is starting to get annoyed. The hostile crowd turn on him and start shouting abuse

 ‘Get off the stage, you crazy fool, You’ll never get our vote, you’re scum, you’ll make the city worse than it is, and Josh Gavin wouldn’t have wanted to forget Longchester history’

 Charly Harry starts smoking and shouts


 Charly Harry leaves Speakers Park annoyed and humiliated. Detective Carmell follows him to his car, Charly Harry’s security try to stop Carmell, but he easily pushes past them and says

‘Guess you won’t be the new M.P, can I ask you some questions?’

‘Now is not the time’ says Harry, as he slams his car door shut. Carmell heads back to Speakers Park to watch the remaining speeches. In Harry’s black Audi, are three members of his security team, half way home Charly Harry stops the car. He looks at the spiky haired man, and tells him to get out the car-

‘Saunders, I can’t believe you let that man, get close to me’

‘It wasn’t just me, he was quick, I couldn’t he....’

‘No excuse, I don’t know where Naffa Dan got you from, but your fired, get out the car now’

Saunders looks at him in disgust, Naffa Dan mutters, ‘Do it Kit’

‘This is unfair Mr Harry, I did nothing wrong your taking, the speech out on me, give me a chance’

Charly Harry nods his head, and Naffa Dan and two other men throw Kit Saunders into the street, they hit him, and get back in the car. Kit wipes the blood from his mouth, and sees Charly wave as they drive away....


To be continued, email me for full story

The End

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