Purple Dirt

Six Years Afterward

We've never been short of food, water, or entertainment (even with no electricity). As a plus-side to all of that, none of us have died or gotten sick, either! Which seems impressive, because we didn't have shelter for the first month-and-a-half, and had to eat bugs. I'd choose burnt popcorn over bugs any day, but sadly, we have no popcorn. Not even the burnt kind.

Robin ran toward me and my house built of sticks, as I sat comfortably on a squishy ball of fabric that Naomii made. 

"Asher, Asher, Asher!" she yelled. "Phoenix found some candy!"

I closed my eyes, and grumbled, "Tell Phoenix that I'm not interested in trading five coins for a Starburst."

"But... he gave me some for free!" Robin protested.

"Then enjoy free candy while you're still a kid."

Robin gave me a "but-you're-still-a-kid-too" look, but I didn't see it. Hah hah.

The End

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