The Beginning

12 year-old Asher, her little sister Robin, and eleven others are the only survivors of the Apocalypse.

Six Years Ago

I was eating slightly burnt popcorn, and watching an episode of my favourite show, Dora the Explorer, for what seemed the hundredth time since yesterday. Robin, who was almost two at the time, lay next to me on our family's black leather sofa.

I looked out of the window behind the sofa for only a few seconds, as we were expecting company around this time. But I didn't see anyone's car, other than our minivan.

After I turned around, and for several minutes was contently watching Dora, I could see a bright flash of light out of the corner of my eye, and I suddenly died.

Or... what felt like dying at the moment.

A short few seconds later, I opened my eyes and saw purple dirt, and a red sky.

Little did I know that everything I considered real, or normal, would be gone for the rest of forever.

The End

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