A Young GirlMature

I am trying to convey my journey through my recovery from an eating disorder and self-harm through this personal story, bringing special attention to how incredible God's intentions are for me.

Picture this:

A young girl sobbing in the middle of the floor: she's tired, she's weak, she's confused, she's lost, she's at the end of her rope, and the ends are fraying... She's barely holding onto that fragile thread; it's the only thing keeping her from giving up completely. She's alone, afraid, and misunderstood. Not one soul is aware of what this girl has been suffering through day by day for years.

But, though she is emotionally dead inside, notice: She is physically here. Her heart is beating, her mind is processing, her blood is flowing. Demons have offered to release her from this cruel world time and time again, yet she did not completely follow them. She is physically here.

What's keeping her alive? She has nothing to live for... Or so she thinks. She hates everything pertaining to herself. She wants nothing to do with anyone because of her severe hatred for herself. So what is keeping her from inflicting upon herself the ultimate punishment?

I have a theory, a good one, indeed. I may even spoil the ending for you a little bit, just to keep you wondering:

She continues living;

really living.

The End

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