Purest Love

You could never be ready of it, you know. Never. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Many, over the last few months, tried to warn me, and I laughed. I did, I told them I couldn’t have been more ready.
That was until I’d gotten a phone call.
“You better get over here; she’s been rushed to the hospital,”
The voice was my Mother’s, strained, afraid even. My mother never panicked; something was wrong.
I thought I would have been ready for this. But as I sat on the bus last night, leaving work without even telling my boss, I realized just how right Carrie had been.
“I’ll be fine, why is everyone making such a big deal out of this,” I had asked.
“Because you’re a hard-ass but when you see me in pain, Lucas, you’ll realize that you’re not as ready as you’d think,”
And she had been right, I was nowhere near ready. I’ve dreaded this day for a long time. When it came down to it, I had almost told my mother I couldn’t bear it.
The very thought of watching Carrie on that bed in pain was making me sick.

Arriving at the hospital I was told she was in the OR.
“What happened.”
“Hemorrage, that’s all they keep saying,” my mom said.
My arms and legs went numb.
“And the baby?”
“She’s fine,” my mother offered a limp smile.
I was a dad now. And I was not ready. Not on your life. How could I bring a child up in this world; i didn’t know the first thing about being a father. Hell I could hardly balance my cheque book.
“Mr. Harmond,” i looked up to see a grim faced doctor, “Come with me please.”
“How is my wife?” i was panicked.
“There was a it of blood loss,” said the doc.
“Will she live?”
The doc opened the door, and sitting upon the bed were my two ladies; a mother and her child.
My eyes began to water. My heart pounded.
At her bedside, Carrie handed me our daughter, “Meet Andrea, Lucas,”
The touch of my child caused my chest to explode as I openly wept. Never had I seen two more beautiful women.
“Are we ready for this,” Carrie asked.
Through tears, I nodded, “Ya,” my voice cracked, “Sky’s the limit,”

The End

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