I sent a bunch of random letters to Brad, not even reading the message, because I honestly didn’t feel like it, and Brad would understand. He knew I wasn’t much of a texter, and he’s just text me again later, or call me like a normal person. These desks were set in groups, and I immediately wanted to shot myself in the face. Walking quickly over to the back of the room, I put my backpack on the desk and slouched in my seat, hoping my face would be hidden.I hate people, I thought to myself and sat up, fixing my hair.

Once everyone arrived in the classroom I was told to move to a different seat next to ’Tory’. She was a short girl with dark brown hair that looked a little too frizzy for my taste. The other two members in the group were guys name Max and Rob. They smiled at me, and whispered to each other, while I just sat there and glared at them. “Aren’t you the girl from LA?” Max asked, startling me and breaking my glare.

I nodded, figuring he was in my first period or news just travelled quickly. They kept talking and I just sat their half listening, only to see if they directed a statement or question at me. “Have you met anyone famous?” Tory asked, her dark brown eyes looking at me for half a second and then turning away.

“I’ve talked to Miley Cyrus about eight times; we shop at the same places. Justin Bieber held a door open for me once, and I said thank you, I’ve actual hung out with Kendall Jenner a few times. Oh, and Paris Hilton asked me for a napkin before.” I replied, probably missing out on a few people, but it seemed unnecessary to go on.

Tory just looked at me, jealousy visible throughout her gaze. I laughed to myself, and then began this “group test” we had just been assigned. Sighing softly I answered the questions the rest of the group wanted me to do in silence, already sick of this class. 

“What time is B lunch?” I asked Tory quietly, hoping it was sometime soon. She was quiet for a moment and then told me twelve thirty, causing a groan from me.

“Is your brother Josh?” Some girl behind me asked, tapping me on the shoulder. I turned around and looked at her, nodding. “Oh.” She said with a smile, and I could tell the wheels were turning in her mind.The closer you are to the girl, the closer you are to Josh, I thought, being reminded of the Lion King 2. I turned around while she kept talking, and just ignored her which rewarded me a rude comment that I couldn’t care less about. 

The End

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