“I’m Travis.” He told me, turning to actually face me. I looked up from texting and reading a newspaper article and tried not to glare at him. I ignored him at first, texted Brad back and set my pen down on the spot I was currently reading and looked at him, giving him a crooked smile.

“Clove.” I replied, and then returned to reading the article. Now, you probably think that I’m a giant nerd who hates getting interrupted while working, but I’m not. I just get distracted very easy, and tend to forget what I’m doing or what I was thinking about. A newspaper article was then projected on a giant screen, and we were supposed to examine it or something, I wasn’t really listening.

Luckily, the teacher didn’t ask me any questions, so I just followed along with what everyone was saying, although there wasn’t much to examine about a newspaper article. There was a picture, and then words about it, not a big deal. I really don’t even know why I signed up for this class, I should be taking art or something, but I don’t like being told what to draw so that’s a no. I drew a tiny replica of my turtle tattoo in the top left corner of the newspaper, shading it in slightly. Travis pointed his pen to it and looked up at me. “Are turtles your favorite animals?” He whispered, meeting my gaze.

His eyes were a very light gray, with a very dark gray outlining his irises. I nodded, drawing tiny swirls around the turtle. “It’s really good.” He mumbled, looking back up to the screen where a new article was being read aloud. I wanted to say thanks, but it wasn’t my design, it was my mother’s.  Soon class was over and I gathered my stuff, folding the article and stuffing it in my bag, I’m so messy.

“My turtle’s name is Lucy.” Travis mentioned, walking with me out the door. I looked at him and laughed, the only thing I could think of was I love Lucy, one of my favorite shows. “My mom has this obsession with I Love Lucy, and it’s the only name I could think of when she bought her for me. “ He shared, making me smile.

“My mom designed it, it’s our favorite animal.” I told him, trying to plan out every possible answer that he could ask. If he made any assumption too person I’d just say something sarcastic and walk off.

“Designed it? Is she God?” He asked with a chuckle, causing me to roll my eyes.

“No, she was a tattoo artist, and designed it for us to get matching tattoos.” I replied, ready to walk off with my stupid use of the word was. I looked away quickly, noticing my next class was right down the hall.

“What is she now?” Travis asked his voice full of curiosity. We left the classroom and walked down the hall my next class was in. Sadly, I couldn’t really think of a sarcastic response so I just told him I had to go and walked into the classroom.

The End

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