“Oh yeah, silly me!” She exclaimed and then continued coloring.Good girl.I scribbled in a title sign that read ‘Chernobyl Electronics’ and looked like it was a hanging sign, along with an ‘Open’ sign in the bottom corner of the poster.  Soon, the bell rang and it was time to go. I gathered my things and looked at the time. I couldn’t believe 50 minutes had already passed.  Grabbing my schedule I walked quickly over to Mr. Porter, and asked him where to go to get to Photojournalism. On the way to photojournalism my phone buzzed and I smiled as my best guy friend texted me a good morning. I figured he had literally just woken up, since it was 7 back in Cali.

I sighed, trying not to cry. I missed him so incredibly much, but it was in fact my choice to go to boarding school, and to move with Josh instead of stay with my family. I wanted a new start, and this was what I was getting.I already sent your letter.His next message read, making me smile even bigger. Brad and I had been best friends since 2ndgrade, and he hated writing anything, essays, paragraphs, sentences, words, anything. So the fact that he actually wrote me a letter meant he really missed me, and loved me.

Immediately arriving into Photojournalism I was bombarded with annoying questions about if I’m new, where I’m from, and about eight people wanting to sit by me. What a wonderful time it would’ve been to be ugly. I just kind of answered questions quickly with not much to go on and found a seat at the opposite side of the door, that way people would have to really travel to talk to me.

A tall boy with black hair styled in a small faux hawk sat next to me, looking annoyed.  “Am I in your seat?” I asked him softly, not wanting to piss anyone off on my first day. This boy swore a blue shirt with about ten different cats on it, but somehow it didn’t look bad on him, probably because he was hot. I tried not to stare, so I answered the text from Brad, sayingIf I can’t read it I’m flying back to kick your ass.I knew my message wouldn’t be replied to until about thirty minutes later because Brad always takes a shower listening to music, which made him stay in there for nearly ever.

“No.” The boy responded shortly, with a hint of attitude. I scoffed to myself and rolled my eyes, irritated that he had the audacity to answer me like that. “Sorry. No, we don’t have assigned seats or anything.” He apologized quietly, peeking at me. I nodded and then put my phone in my back pocket, not ready to forgive the kid just yet.

We didn’t speak for a while, the teacher asked me who I was and told me I would need to bring a camera to school for now on, although I already knew that, but wasn’t sure if I needed one that needed film or not. She informed me that a DSLR would be fine, which made me have to take a moment to decide which of my cameras to take to school, probably my least expensive one just in case something happened. 

The End

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