The person sitting in front of me turned around and looked at me, while I ignored her, setting my backpack on my desk and grabbed my phone. Still looking at me, I looked up at her and smiled, looking down at my phone and turning it on vibrate.  A few more students piled in, causing me to look down at my phone and try to look occupied with tracing designs on my leg.  Someone sat behind me, which immediately made me regret not sitting in the back row.

I felt self conscious about my tattoo, so I made sure that my hair covered it, although I could feel my hair on my neck already, so I was in the clear.  The bell rang an annoying high pitched three chime thing that made me jump.  The teacher came in shortly after and walked over to the podium, checking role. He wore khaki pants with a blue and white striped polo shirt. Gross.  I swear Josh and I are the only ones who dress well. What a shame.

“Who is Clove Russell?” He asked, his voice echoing through the room and causing the whole class to be quiet. He was probably a stern teacher, because literally everyone was quiet. I sat up straighter and inhaled deeply, not wanting to have to speak yet.

“I am.” I told him, my voice sure and confident, sounding very feminine and much different than the other girl’s voices I had heard earlier.  As I waited for his reply, everyone seemed to turn their heads to me, wonderingwho’s the new girl? 

He nodded, and introduced himself as Mr. Porter. “Where are you from Clove?” He asked his voice full of genuine curiosity.  He arched a dark brown eyebrow, which matched his spiked hair perfectly.  He continued to check names off of the role, and moved to walk towards me.

“I’m from Los Angeles. “ I told him, crinkling my nose and hoping he wouldn’t say anything about my piercings. But of course, he did.

Looking me over,  he smiled. “You have a lot of piercings ma’am. What’s that one on your lip called, and then that giant flower sticking out of your ear?” He asked, pointing to my lip. I untucked a blonde strand behind my ear so it would slightly cover my red flower plugs, although I had a feeling that was unsuccessful.

“Well, I have a spacer in my Monroe piercing, and the flower is a tunnel for my gauges.” I told him, trying to make it seem like I was trying to abide by dress code as well as I could.  Everyone tried to find my other piercings. “I also have my tongue web, tragus, hip and cartilage.” I informed, deciding I might as well out them all.

“Tongue web?” He asked, and I lifted my tongue to reveal the two tiny studs by the vein underneath my tongue. I smiled then, hoping he would walk back to his damn podium, but no. “Your parents allowed all of these?” He asked, his curiosity now starting to annoy me.  

The End

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