“Don’t laugh too hard now.” I mumbled, which rewarded me a nudge from Josh. Looking around I actually looked at the school, instead of just trying to get where I needed to go. The walls were a plain white, and the tile an awkward gray color. There were a few posters along the walls about building character, upcoming social events, and school clubs but that didn’t do much.  In all honesty everyone looked a little plain, no one actually stood out. In LA, everyone dressed as if they were a celebrity, because all the stores surrounding us were where all the celebrities shopped. I’ve ran into more celebrities than I can count, I still fan girl though, so it doesn’t matter about the amount of times I’ve seen that celebrity.  Josh’s friends, whose names were Trey and Devin.

Trey was very tall, and had a curly mop of brown hair and hazel eyes. His fair skin had a few freckles across the bridge of his nose, but besides that his complexion was clear. He wore a black “the hundreds”   shirt and light wash denim jeans that were a little baggy on him, but at least he wasn’t sagging. Gross. Devin had medium length  black hair, and his bangs swept across his forehead, causing him to constantly move them out of his eyes, which annoyed the shit out of me. He wore a plain red shirt with dark wash jeans. Both of them wore black and white Nike’s.

Their style was kind of the same as every other boy in the school so far and that annoyed me more than anything else.  Originality is dead. Arriving at class I gave Josh a hug and a kiss on the cheek and then nodded to Devin and Trey. “Hey Pigeon,” Josh called as I almost entered the classroom that was already halfway full. I turned around and looked at him, smiling at the nickname Tramp gave Lady in Lady and the Tramp.  “May the odds beeverin your favor today. Don’t forget you’re sitting with me at lunch.”  He said, smiling not with his mouth, but with his eyes.

I clicked my tongue at him and laughed. “Go get ‘em tiger.” Yes, my brother and I constantly quote movies and books at each other, it’s just what we do. He actually took me to the Hunger Games premiere, and waited with me for four days so we could have a good spot in line which happened to be on the front line and oh my lord Liam Hemsworth smiled at me, and I have a picture of it.  I took a seat in the back, trying to look invisible although it did not work out. 

The End

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