I finished eating and put my plate in the sink, then ran upstairs to finish getting ready. I put on black top eyeliner in the cat eye style and then light pink lip gloss and a little bit of blush, and had to admit that I looked perfect.  Looking around my room I found my union jack backpack and shoved my phone, headphones and makeup bag in the front pouch and then all this random school junk in the big pocket. I threw on some black vans and then ran down the stairs and beat Josh to the car, giggling like a little kid.

Climbing into the front seat of Josh’s white Dodge Challenger I plugged my phone in to the charger and to the aux and began blasting music. Josh rolled his eyes as he joined me as we rapped to Odd Future. I giggled, letting my hair blow in the early morning wind. “You look beautiful  by the way Clove.” Josh told me, smiling at me. I rolled my eyes, laughing.

“I have like 16 piercings, plus a tattoo, everyone’s gonna think I’m a rebel.” My tattoo wasn’t a tramp stamp or anything, it was a turtle on my neck, which had more than one meaning. Turtles were my mom and I’s favorite animal ever since we saw turtles being born at the beach one year. Also,  I was born early, and sick, so it symbolizes struggle to live, since baby turtles have to find their way back to their mothers after birth and most of them die.  I have my tongue web,(which is the little thing under your tongue) my Monroe, tragus, cartilage,  have size double 0 gauges, and my hip pierced. Josh on the other hand has his septum(the part that separates your nostrils), size double 0 gauges and his tongue pierced. We’re quite a pair.

Our piercings and my tattoo weren’t signs of rebellion, our parents were tattoo artists, and specialized in piercings, so we got them done free.“Make sure no one sees your tat.” He warned, patting my thigh as we turned into Lewisville High School. After our parents died Josh gathered part of the money we had gotten and moved us from LA to Texas, while for a year I went to a boarding school in New York. Josh told me he was pretty popular here, and I believed it. With his blonde hair, blue eyes, California tan and athletic figure, he literally deserved a perfect person award. 

The End

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