Clove is new to the city and just wants to make new friends, but then there's the accident and making friends and keeping them seems harder than ever.

A bright light shone in my room, directly into my eyes. “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!” I yelled, jumping up to close the blinds, shielding myself from the sun like a vampire.  My brother Josh stood holding the small string that controlled the direction of the blinds, smiling at me devilishly. His blue eyes caught mine as I tried to glare at him, but just couldn’t. His pearly white smile broke me, making my anger disappear. He stepped away from my blinds, but gave me a look as to say ‘Don’t close them.’I rolled my eyes and giggled, moving into my closet to pick out something to wear.

I hate first days of school, especially when they were in September. I sighed, rubbing my finger on my tragus piercing, looking at my clothes and slouching. “I’m going to make breakfast. Be ready to leave at eight.” Josh mumbled and then left, closing the door. The sounds of his footsteps down the stairs distracted me for a moment, but then I was redirected to my closet.

Looking around I decided on a sleeveless red and white pinstripe shirt and black skinny jeans. Then, hopping into my giant master bathroom I took a long shower. Since it was just Josh and I living here, he decided to give me the master bathroom, especially after I had just gotten back from boarding school a week ago. Towel drying my long wavy blonde hair I put some product in it so it wouldn’t get frizzy, and so it would be wavier at the bottom than at the top. 

I grumbled, trying to figure out what to do with my Monroe piercing. I rummaged through my piercings and found a tiny spacer, which would have to do because I wasn’t going to take it out.  After putting my clothes on I went downstairs to eat the beautiful breakfast of pancakes and strawberries and hashbrowns. “You want me to get fat don’t you?” I asked Josh playfully, drinking some orange juice.  He nodded, smiling.

“We’re too skinny. Mom and Dad used to stuff us with food all the time, remember?” I nodded slowly, becoming quiet for a moment. Josh and I had opposite ways with dealing with death. I tried to ignore it, whilst Josh tried to remember it. We were extremely lucky though, because Josh is 16, he can take care of me, so I don’t have to live with my aunts or grandparents, although that’s what they would prefer. 

The End

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