Pure White Trilogy: White Witch

"But, it is Halloween. You never know what could be around.”

Ro looked up from her book. "Dylan, why'd you have to go scare Lanie like that?" Ro got off the couch and stood glaring at her older brother for a second, and then turned to Lanie. Ro put her hand on her little sister's shoulder.

"Lanie, don't worry. He's lying there's no such things as witches, or warlocks, or anything like that, okay?" Ro smiled and bent down to whisper something in Lanie's ear. Lanie smiled and walked to Dylan.

"Dylan, I have something for you." Lanie hit his shoulder and skipped away.

"Ro, why did you tell her to do that?" Dylan ruefully rubbed his shoulder.

"Well, for a five year old, she hits hard." Ro smirked and curled back up on the couch and went back to her book. A cool autumn breeze blew through the window, bringing a voice with it.

Ro, be prepared. Your coming of age is soon. You will have a visitor. Be prepared, Ro.

Ro jerked her head up. "Did you hear that?"

Dylan looked at her like she was crazy. "Hear what?"

"There was…never mind." Ro went back to her book, but couldn't concentrate on the words. What visitor? Coming of age for what? Lacking answers and wanting fresh air, Ro closed her book and set it on the couch as she walked outside. The cool autumn wind danced with Ro's red-brown hair. The playful wind blew Ro's clothing back until it was plastered against her skin, revealing her slim, athletic figure. Ro's leather boots crunched through a sea of flaming orange-gold leaves. The trees were only skeletons of their summer glory, thinner and worn, like old men after a long, fulfilling life. Ro walked under the skeletal arms of the grandfathers of the forest, contemplating the cryptic message in the wind. The voice was familiar, she knew that much. It reminded her of a place in the woods, a warm fire glowing, the smell of herbs drying and bread baking on flat heated stones. Ro wrapped her arms around herself, pulling her jacket tighter. She looked up at the bronze-blue sky and walked back home. Geese honked at each other overhead, flying south for the coming winter. Ro smiled at the bird calls. She passed a house putting up Halloween decorations and frowned. Why did everyone around here take Halloween so seriously? It was just another excuse for her parents to make her take Lanie around the block getting candy, and then trying to put the sugar-high five year old to bed. Ro shook her head and kept walking. Halloween was so stupid anyway. Why the candy companies thought they had to make the Catholic “All Soul’s Day” a public holiday was beyond her. Ro started walking faster. Halloween was an excuse for many companies to take even more advantage than usual of an unsuspecting public. A family across the street that Ro babysat for every Thursday night waved. Ro didn’t look up, so absorbed in her thoughts. Ro was suddenly snapped out of her thoughts when she hit the ground, tearing a hole in her new jeans.

                Ro looked up. ”Oh, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to run into you, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” Ro reached out and gathered up papers trying to make a getaway.

                “That’s alright, Rosalia.”

                Ro stopped what she was doing. “How do you know my name?”

                The man laughed as he stood up. “I knew your grandmother.”

                Ro stood up. “You knew my grandmother?”

                The man laughed. “Your namesake and I were close friends.”

                Ro dusted off her jeans and handed the papers to the man. “Well, sorry I ran into you. Here are your papers.”

                The man grabbed Ro’s wrist as he grabbed the papers. “Good bye, Rosalia.”

                The man looked into Ro’s eyes. She flinched as his eyes flashed deep gold. Ro jerked away and quickly walked back towards her house. She could feel the man’s eyes boring into the back of her head. Ro pulled her hood up and walked faster. She felt air move behind her as the man followed her. Ro was almost running. What was wrong with her? Why was she feeling air moving? Ro looked over her shoulder and saw the man following her. Starting to get scared, Ro started running. She sensed the man speed up. Ro kept running and turned, cutting across her dad’s poker buddy’s yard. Ro turned and looked over her shoulder again. The man was still following her. Ro turned and faced the man.

                She put her hand out, palm facing the man. “Vento fario andare via!”

                A gust of wind flew from her palm and a gust of wind blasted the man back. Ro stood there for a second, looking at her hand. What was happening to her? Ro turned and sprinted back to her house.

The End

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