Chapter 2

          The next week passed very quickly for Lucinda once classes resumed the Monday after spring break ended. Lucinda was very impatient for the week to end because the next Saturday was her eighteenth birthday.  Lucinda hadn’t forgotten about last weekend’s trip but she wasn’t able to put it aside except for when she thought about her birthday plans.

          That Friday as Lucinda was heading home from school she realized she had left her chemistry book in her locker and she had a lot of homework to do that weekend. Lucinda decided that she should run back and get it so she could get started. Right as she was reaching her locker she runs into her old friend Elli, dropping her books in the meanwhile.      

          Elli says “Hey, long time no see Lucinda” as he helped her pick up her books.

          “Oh Elli, thanks. How have you been?” Lucinda says while trying to not drop her books again.

          “I’ve been good,” Elli replies. “I heard that you aren’t having a party this year.”

          “No, I thought I would have a small family gathering, but you can still come if you want.” Says Lucinda.

          “I would love to come, but I have to do some things with my parents this weekend. It’s very important. But how about we go get a cup of coffee or something and then I can give you your gift, even though it’s early.” Elli says sadly.

          “That sounds terrific, where would you like to go?” Lucinda says cheerfully.

          “I was thinking of the new coffee shop down the street. What was its name again? I believe it was Coffee Joes Coffee and Snack Shop.” Says Elli.

          “Great, let’s go before it gets too windy.” Lucinda says quickly.

          Fifteen minutes later, Lucinda and Elli arrive at Coffee Joes Coffee and Snack shop.  Right as Lucinda opens the door to the shop she smells the fresh brewed coffee and tons of newly baked cakes and tarts. Lucinda decided that she would like a piece of the delicious coconut cake and a cup of hazelnut coffee and Elli settled with a piece of red velvet cake and a cup of hazelnut coffee as well. Since there wasn’t many there, they decided to sit in a light corner of the shop in a small booth.

          As Lucinda was eating her piece of coconut cake, Elli pulled out a small box wrapped in blue and purple striped wrapping paper with a red bow on top of it. Elli handed her the box and said, “Here Lucinda. I know it’s not much but I hope you like it.”

          Lucinda opens the box quickly, while being careful not to cut her finger on the wrapping paper. In the box though, was a gift Lucinda never expected? A pure silver amulet, with a combination of rubies and sapphires surrounding a large amethyst crystal in the middle.

          “This is amazing! Where did you get this?” Lucinda says with a look of surprise.

          “My mother has a collection of amulets and I thought that this one fitted you and my mother approved. So happy birthday Lucinda!” Elli says pleasantly.

          “Thanks so much Elli, it is beautiful.” Lucinda says happily

          “I’m very glad you like it.” Elli says. Elli then looked outside and saw that it was getting very late. Elli then said, “We should probably get back.”

          “Alright.” Lucinda replies. Lucinda and Elli then left the shop and headed their separate ways.

The End

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