Chapter 1

Ever since Lucinda was young, she had been told stories of pure and dark witches living side by side with Humans. But the stories told weren't always happy ones.

Ever since Lucinda was young, she had been told stories of pure and dark witches living side by side with Humans. But the stories told weren’t always happy ones. Instead, many were of war between the pure and dark witches and also between dark witches and Humans. The dark witches believed that the Humans were useless and didn’t deserve to be on the Earth. It was the pure witches’ job to protect the Humans and to keep the dark witches in line. The most important thing, however, is that the Humans didn’t know about the witches, because if they did found out it would be harder for the pure witches to keep order and to protect the Humans.

          As Lucinda grew older, she started to believe that the stories her mother told her were simply stories. But it wasn’t until her eighteenth birthday that she realized they were more than just stories.

          The week of Lucinda’s eighteenth birthday was down and dreary with non-stop rain so Lucinda’s mother (Stella) decided that she wanted to take Lucinda to visit her grandmother for the weekend in the mountains. Their main purpose was to get some herbs that were grown only in Wyoming, but her mother thought it would be good for Lucinda to get some fresh air.

          “I don’t see why we have to spend the weekend with Grandmother Maria,” complained Lucinda, “I mean, all we are doing is picking up herbs.”

          “There are a couple of things your grandmother and I need to discuss with you and I also want to show you a few things,” Stella said calmly, “Now behave yourself, we will be there shortly.”

          “Fine.” said Lucinda.

          By the time they arrived it was getting late, the sun had already started to set and Stella and Lucinda were getting hungry. As they pulled up Maria came out to greet them. Marias house was a simple yet elegant. It was two stories with a balcony to two of the rooms upstairs, each room had an astounding view to the land around the house. Near the house was a beautiful crystal lake with forest around it.

          “Welcome to my lovely home.” Maria greeted them as they were walking up to the house.

          “It’s nice to see you again after such a long time Maria.” Stella says as she hugs Maria.

          “Yes, I have to say it has been a while,” Maria says cheerfully “Now, what has brought you up to the high mountains of Wyoming.”

          “Well, I was hoping to gather some of the herbs that you grow and to introduce you to my daughter Lucinda.” Says Stella.

          “That would be wonderful and you are welcome to as many herbs as you need. It is nice to meet you Lucinda.” Maria says with a smile.

          “It is nice to meet you, Maria.”  Lucinda says lightly.

          “Why don’t we go inside now? I bet you are hungry after your long day of traveling.” Maria says as she leads Lucinda and Stella to the house.

          “That would be great.” Lucinda and Stella say simultaneously.

Right after supper, Maria guided Lucinda and Stella through the garden to the greenhouse so that Stella could pick out the herbs she would take home. As Lucinda looked at the different herbs, she realized that she knew most of them, but never recalls seeing them in her life. Stella notices this and was pleased to see her daughters interests go towards herbs and maybe amulets too. Once Stella gathered the herbs that she needed, Maria escorted them back to the house where she showed Lucinda and Stella to their rooms.

          Lucinda’s room was lovely lavender color with some unique pieces of ancient art compared to her simple ice blue color with common pieces of furniture. Stella’s room had a many colors and near the closet was a dresser which held many unique stones that Lucinda was not to see until a later time.

          Early the next morning as Stella was heading down to breakfast, Stella ran into Maria and asked if she could show Lucinda the amulet room and tell her more about her heritage. Maria wasn’t sure if it was the right time to introduce Lucinda to things yet, but she believed that if Stella thought she was ready that she could allow Lucinda into the amulet room with supervision.

          “This here Lucinda is Marias amulet room,” Stella said proudly. “It holds amulets created decades back. It is believed to protect us from evil presents.”

          “What kind of evil?” Lucinda says curiously.

          “Evil that has been here for centuries, such as ghost, spirits and witches.”  says Stella.

          “But witches don’t exist and especially not ghosts.” Lucinda comments.

“You never know what’s real until you see it for yourself, I guess.” Stella simply says.

The End

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