He breezed past her, lucious locks flowing in the wind, his green eyes as bright as starlight..

But that's only how Siobhan Mathers imagined him. She sighed to herself and fantasised about how lovely it'd be if she'd be the girl he noticed that day. Of course it wouldn't, she thought to herself. Half the school is in love with him, including the guys. As the old saying goes, the girls all want him, the guys all want to be him.

His name was Riley Macfarlane, and he was drop dead gorgeous. Before you come to any conclusions and think to yourself 'Oh, this is just a typical tale about a sports lunatic and a shy girl who no one notices' type of story, then you're wrong. Riley was the guy from art class, who got along with all the students, made trouble with the teachers and had a smile that could make your brain melt and your heart beat like there was no tomorrow. Siobhan was the girl who hung with the right crowd, got along with everyone but wasn't the first person to volunteer her opinion in class discussions. She was the girl who was shy until you got to know her - after that, you'd realise how much she loved to talk and be the centre of attention.

The day was a Tuesday, and it was ten o'clock in the morning, which meant all students were in the school hall, settling down for assembly. While everyone was flocking in through the bright red double doors from all sides, Siobhan and her best friends were patiently waiting for it to start. Her friend, Ashley Curran, leaned over to yell in her ear.

"I hope everyone settles down soon - I have a desire to lay in the sun and listen to your silly conversations for twenty minutes." Siobhan laughed, and slapped her playfully on the arm.

"Sure, Ash. You're the one who starts those hopeless debates about nothing interesting," she replied, giggling. Unconsiously, her mind let her know not to embarrass herself as someone important was sitting directly behind her. She turned around, and as soon as she did that, her head was facing straight ahead again. Riley was right there, smiling his beautiful smile and joking with his mates.

No one had a clue that she had a small, beginners crush on Riley. Even Siobhan had just realised it herself. She was afraid that if she let anyone know, they'd laugh, and tell her to give it up. Siobhan knew that he had a huge following of gorgeous girls from the school, willing to give it all up to him if she'd be the one he chose. But Siobhan wasn't that kind of girl. She was practically pure, as innocent as could be. Not the type to throw it all away, she was waiting for the perfect guy. In her mind, she knew that the perfect guy only came along in romantic comedies and chick flick movies, but still, Siobhan held onto hope - and her virginity - with pride.

The End

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