Part One

Jester Raqq,

I write this in hope that you will understand my stand, you remain among the few who still hold my trust. So let me start by saying this, I will not bend knee, not to that puppeteer! My followers are of the same mind, hope you are of the same view.

It was agreed that my exile was to be revoked upon Okal’s death to assume my rightful place but Pino seems to crave it more, had it been his only flaw I would have been content to let him. But no, he goes ahead defiling all the ideals that make us who we are. As a Crypter he should be at the forefront of this instead he strips them of the respite we owe them. Let him not lead you astray in this one thing.

Ruwent has been instructed to halt his advance on the Carnival on condition that Pino ceases his selective persecution. Let him not have the excuse to sow terror among the populace, enacting unrealistic decrees that are an aberration to our existence.  My long absence has given him sway with the council but I will follow the dream Okal instilled in us till my last breath. Convince them, do this for the one you once called teacher and I will do my best to reason with him. But first let him reign his Crypters and cease his selective persecution of Elots.

In three nights I will make my way into the Great Tent, I shall try to bring reason and laughter to its dwellers. However know this acolyte, my course will not be swayed and chaos that he calls mother is not welcome in the Carnival.

Clonas the Imperial 

The End

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