This is a story about a clown, a puppeteer and the rivalry that span a generation.

Greeting Lence,

Forgive my lapse in protocol but this is the only avenue at my disposal. I am at a loss for words on where to begin but let me try my best.

Well, my new found obsession started two months ago during Okal’s oath, which is celebrated here just as much. Here is how it all begins, one of my acquaintances invited me for an auction an event that draws the local elite in here, with an impressive number of collectors and relic hunters. While in attendance, I purchased a bag on an  Stasher’s bag; this was by outbidding all those present,  I must add they were not pleased - I had closed the auction with the first offer. Anyhow this was the only way I could lay my hands on relic. I must add this is probably the best choice I have made in a long time. and it has left me so happens penniless. I know what you think, but this is not the reason I write though any form of funds would be appreciated and yes I still keep counts how how much I still owe you.

On opening the strapless piece of relic,  I found a stack of letters now  these could have been just another stack of curiour replicas., Read these samples to understand my puzzle. The ink used in them paints  some bold allegations and the names mentioned along their lines  have me troubled. In fact the familiarity at which two of Okal’s  acolytes  addressed each other makes me wonder what hand the Supreme Jester had . Oh! And Raqq is actually referred to as an acolyte, imagine!

Okay, unfortunately I cannot verify their authenticity but I think they are the real deal they were found on a decomposing body of Stasher. You must understand these bags were dearer to Stashers than their own lives. In my old profession it was considered a necessary evil, the act of squirreling away replicas of missives by couriers . This involved a  copy  given to one of their own who acted as a Stasher. All I can conclude is that these were already delivered to the intended parties. The replicas however were never destroyed as they should have been a failure which would have been considered a breach of trust between a Courier and his chosen Stasher.

 And finally the origins of the infamous song Tales in the Dark is solved thanks to me.


The End

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