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   Male: I love you. It’s okay.

   [Brief scream]

   Male: God, what a time for this to happen.

   [Tape hiss from 36:17 to 38:18]

   38m 18s

   Celeste: I know. I’m just stressed.

   Unknown Speaker: [Inaudible words. Sounds like: Tay, tay, tay, cuff]

   Celeste: Oh my God.

   Male: Relax, okay? I’m here.

   Celeste: I’m trying to.

   [Heavy, ragged breathing]

   Celeste: I’m trying. But, I mean, first we hear words coming out of the walls. Then the power goes out. And now it’s dark outside. Then the words start again and it sounds like they’re coming from closer than the wall. I hate this house! This house makes me so fucking hateful I fucking hate it!

   Male: Celeste, please. Don’t cry. It’s just some normal sounds we haven’t heard here yet. Really. Every house has its sounds.

   [Tape hiss from 38:44 to 48:51]

   48m 51s

   Celeste: Why? Why not? God you’re an idiot sometimes.

   Male: Let’s not get fighting again, okay? <pause> Anyway, if we do, what will we do after? Never come back? Sell the house?

   Celeste: Yes! God, yes! I need to light a candle.

   Male: I admit it’s a bit creepy, but Celeste, Jesus, we aren’t going to sell the house.

   Celeste: I need a candle. I need a candle.

   Male: Okay. Okay. The box of candles is in the closet. I went through it the other day trying to find my channel locks.

   Celeste: They’re not in there. They’re in the basement.

   Male: I know. I figured it out, but thank you.

   [Short moment of silence]

   Male: I’ll go get it.

   Celeste: No.

   Male: I’ll be right over there. You’ll probably still be able to see me, okay?

   [Short moment of silence]

   Celeste: Just hurry.

   [Tape hiss from 51:01 to 55:05]

   55m 05s

   Male: Still here. <pause> Still right here. I have to admit I’m a little creeped out myself. That last one almost sounded like “Fucking hateful fucking hate.” Probably just my mind playing tricks because you said the same thing a minute ago. Actually, I think earlier I might have... <pause> ...huh.

   [Brief silence. Rustling sounds, sustained while the male speaks]

   Male: Right here. Still right here. <pause> Still here. Nothing to worry about. Love you.

   [Brief silence. Rustling sounds stop]

   Male: I love you, hon. <pause> Hon. <pause> Found one. It’s your Christmas candle. We’re in business. I think you have the lighter.

   [Brief silence]

   Male: Nevermind. I got it.

   [Sound of lighter being flicked]

   Male: Celeste?

   Celeste [Whispering]: Fucking hateful fucking hate.

   Male: What?

   [Moment of silence. Sound of lighter being flicked]

   Male: There. What’s wrong?

   [Brief silence]

   Male: Why are you looking at me like that? <pause> God, you look fucking evil. Stop that.

   [Brief silence]

   Male: <inaudible>... shit. Oh, Jesus. Oh, no. Oh, Jesus. Oh, shit. Oh, Jesus.

   [End of tape]

The End

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