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   [Both speakers have raised their voices]

   Male: And I’m the one that goes out every day and fucking works. What do you do?

   Celeste: Everything! I do everything! You do nothing around the house. You’re a lazy slob.

   Male: I painted this house inside and out.  And I work for ten hours a day.

   Celeste: You painted the house three months ago. Oh, and I’m stupid? That’s obvious. I’m still married to you!

   Male: You’re a bitch. That’s all you are. It’s like you live just to make everyone around you miserable! Fucking <pause> bitch!

   Celeste: Feel better now?

   [Brief silence]

   Celeste: You’re such an asshole.

   Male: Stop fucking following me. I just want to be left alone.

   Celeste: You’re the one that wanted to talk, so talk.

   Male: Fuck off!

   Celeste: Asshole!

   Male: Go the fuck away.

   Celeste: Or what? You gonna’ hit me?

   Male: No.

   Celeste: Come on, asshole.

   Male: Fuck off.

   Unknown Speaker [Whispering]: [Difficult audio. Sounds like: Tay. Cuff. Hit me]

   Celeste: Come on, hit me!

   [Mild thud]

   Male: I might. That’s why I’m trying to get away from you.

   [Loud, sharp noise. Loud thud]

   Male: I... <inaudible> <inaudible> ...slap me again.

   Celeste: <inaudible> ...deserved it.

   [Tape hiss from 21:54 to 31:12]

   31m 12s

   Celeste: I don’t know.

   Male: There has to be some reason.

   Celeste: There is. I just don’t know.

   Male: I mean, is it something from your past? I’m not one of your exes. You have to realize that.

   Celeste: I know you. It’s not that. It’s...

   [Long silence]

   Male: It’s what?

   Celeste: You’re going to think I’m stupid.

   Male: No I won’t. I won’t think you’re stupid.

   Celeste: It’s the house.

   Male: What? [Chuckle] You wanted this house. I wanted the one in Evergreen Mills.

   Celeste: Not that. I think... <long pause>

   Male: Come on. This is a nice house. It’s perfect for us. Our equity is already through the roof. You were right.

   Celeste: We made the right choice. I mean, we did. We really did.

   Male: Then what?

   Celeste: Okay.

   Male: Okay.

   [Deep breathing]

   Celeste: There is something wrong with this house.

   Male: Okay. What?

   Celeste: Ever since we moved here I’ve been getting angrier and angrier every day, and I don’t even have a reason to! You think I don’t know that? I know it! Okay? I know I’m being unreasonable! I can’t even stand myself because of it! It’s just... <pause> ...something about this place. There is something here.

   Male: So the house is making you mad. Like in that Jack Nicholson movie?

   Celeste: Don’t be sarcastic. I’m trying to tell you how I feel.

   Male: And I’m trying to listen. And I’m trying to be understanding with you. But I’m sorry, I don’t believe that our house is haunted.

   Celeste: I knew I shouldn’t tell you.

   Male: No, it’s good that you did. But there has to be something else. We’ll figure this out.

   Unknown Speaker: [Wispy, dry voice. Inaudible words. Sounds like: Cuff, cuff, tay, cuff]

   Celeste: Did you hear that?

   Male: Yes. [Chuckle] that was pretty well timed.

   Celeste: I’m scared.

   Male: I admit it sounded a little creepy, but it’s just the sounds of the house, honey.

   Celeste: No. That was a voice. I heard it earlier, too.

   Male: We’ve only been here for four months, and the weather has been getting cold lately. We’re bound to hear some new things.

   Celeste: I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry I’m a bitch. I’m sorry I’m a bad wife. I’m sorry I made you feel so bad.

   [Rustling sounds. Nothing audible except tape hiss from 34:10 to 36:03]

The End

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