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   Celeste: And take off your shoes.

   [A sigh. Footsteps. Rustling. A brief silence. More rustling]

   Male: There. And don’t fucking tell me what to do.

   Celeste: [Soft moan] I never hear you talk like that.

   Male: Don’t.

   Celeste: I think I like it. [Soft moan]


   Male: Don’t. Just <pause> not now. Please. I want to settle this.

   Celeste: Whatever. Fuck you.

   Male: Why am I the only one trying to save our marriage?

   Unknown Speaker [Whispering]: [Unintelligible, sounds like: Cuff. Tay]

   Celeste: What?

   Male: I said why am I the only one trying to save our marriage? If you don’t want to be married just fucking say so.

   Celeste: Save our marriage? <chuckle> No, no. You still haven’t even given me an example.

   Male: I shouldn’t have to.

   Celeste: You’re telling me that I’m always, always suspicious about you. And I always make sure that you know I am, but I’m always so sly about it.

   Male: Exactly.

   Celeste: No, that’s you and your family. I don’t beat around the bush. If I had a problem I would tell you.

   Male: The other night I was watching a movie

   Celeste [Interrupts]: I remember your little nudie flick.

   Male: It wasn’t a nudie flick. It was a cop movie. You walked in during the one scene with nudity in it.

   Celeste: Uh-huh.

   Male: Uh-huh is right. And when I went to the gym the other day, you smelled my underwear when I got home.

   Celeste: Bullshit. I wouldn’t sniff your nasty gaunch.

   Male: You do when you’re doing laundry.

   Celeste: That’s only to see if they’re clean.

   Male: I didn’t say it was for a different reason. I just meant that you’ve done it.

   Celeste: At least I do laundry. What do you do?

   Male: I work. But that doesn’t matter. You’re trying to distract me. You always do this. I saw you sniff my underwear when I got home, and you weren’t doing laundry.

   Celeste: No you didn’t, because I didn’t do it.

   Male: Yes you did. I saw you.

   Celeste: What’s the point of this?

   Male: Well, if you didn’t do it then you know how I’m feeling, being accused of something I didn’t do. And if you did then I’m right.

   Celeste: I never accused you of anything.

   Male: Are you not even listening? You always do. You do it every day. If I look in the direction of another woman, you don’t just hit me lightly and be done with it like most women. No, you ignore me for three days. [Tape hiss. Static] And I can’t have any friends that are women. It’s fucking ridiculous. I’m sick... <unintelligible> ...anymore.

   Celeste: Fine. Okay. You don’t have any friends, okay? So yes, I am suspicious when suddenly you get one and it’s a pretty girl.

   [Long silence]

   Celeste: Any woman would. And don’t lie to me and tell me you’ve never even looked at her in that way.

   [Loud tape hiss]

   Male: It isn’t like that. You should [Popping. Loud tape hiss for 8 seconds] ...not even the smallest amount.

   Celeste: You’re a liar.

   Male: No I’m fucking not!

   Celeste: I don’t believe you. You are a fucking liar. And your underwear didn’t even smell like sweat.

   [Loud pop. No audible sound except tape hiss from 11:12 to 19:43]

The End

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