I'm really not looking forward to this whole "let's go save Hal" sort of quest, but Peter seems so hung up on it. It just feel if you know what I mean.


We waited 'till the next morning to get a fresh start with everything packed and stomachs semi-full. Before either of them got up, I got a chance to shoot a couple of rabbits. All together we have 3 rabbits, some rope, 3 casts of water, and 3 bows and quite a few arrows. I'd say we're set, but I'm still not feeling like going out there.

"Guys, are you sure about this?"

They both answered at the same time, "YES!"

"Alright! Don't gotta bite my head off."

Mother Mel was pretty beat up that Peter was leaving, but Austin did keep his word and got David Lemming(town pastor) to look after her. As soon as we got outside I inquired, "Do you even know which way we're going?"

"Umm.." Austin looked around confused. "That way" 

I sighed as we nervously set off in the..maybe..sorta.....ish right direction. This is going to suck, I can feel it.


The End

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