Dragons, love, action, betrayal.


Would you believe me if I told you there are hundreds of millions of dragons? A majority of you probably wouldn’t, but there are. They live in caves in the mountains and underground. Every time you feel you’re being watched, every time you think you see something, a dragon is watching. He’s waiting for just the right moment to strike. Dragons are hired assassins.

They make the murders took like a freak accident, but in reality, almost always it’s a dragon. All they need is a name and slight description and they’re set. You’re dead. Dragons might wait two seconds to twenty years to kill you; all depends on the type of person you are. They’re much better than regular assassins because they don’t take money. Dragons prefer peacock eggs to raise themselves. I guess they like the feathers, one never knows with dragons.

How do I know all this, you ask? Well, I live in this little place called Mischa where dragons are a major problem. The whole town is against them. We try desperately to get rid of them; we even have this thing I call Draco Resistance. The Draco Resistance is where three people are chosen randomly to go into the dragon’s cave; no one has ever come back. The town is so enthusiastic about killing them, but each week when there are random drawings, all are silent. I think they’re cowards! All of those strong men out there ranting about much power they have, how easily they could take down a dragon and yet they stand there with their mouth closed as fifteen year olds are sentenced to face the Punishment from God. All fifteen to thirty year olds must put their name in or be brutally executed in town square. This is not a movie, nor just a fictional story. This is real.

My name is Peter Tenman. I live with my ill mother on the outskirts of my town while working in harsh conditions to help pay for medicine. It’s tough and we can’t usually afford food so sometimes, when I’m lucky, I’ll shoot a beaver or rabbit. Guns are illegal here so the use of crossbows is normal. Although, it’s rare for a fifteen year old, like me, to have three years experience with them. No one knows of my extraordinary skill except my mother, or, as the case may be, no one cares.

I do not have a father, or, rather, a known father. Melinda, my mother, had been raped as a seventeen year old girl and never spoke of it again. The people of Mischa resented her for it. The only father figure I had was my best and only friend, Stan Collins. Although he is only three years older, he was the greatest father anyone could have asked for. He was courageous, handsome, and certainly trustworthy. Not a soul could beat him in swordplay. Seeing him practice with his sword he made from scratch was like watching an artist create his greatest masterpiece. All the girls loved him so, naturally, I wanted to be just like him.
Stan usually comes to our place and helps take care of Mother Mel. I have my suspicions that his father beats him. He has a new bruise nearly every time he visits, yet continues to claim he ran into a tree or a rock or “didn’t realize” he even had one. Even after getting beat and helping Mother Mel and showing me how to build a new trap, he insists to teach me the way of sword fighting. “Gotta learn something to defend yourself out in that big bad world.” he would always say with a friendly wink.

And then there’s Hal. Hailey Kunningham, the mayor’s daughter, is the most wanted girl that has ever lived in Mischa. She probably has guys ask her out daily, yet, I don’t ever remember her having a solid boyfriend. She’s super outgoing, but whenever it comes to dating, she’s way shy. Let me tell you, girls are the hardest puzzles to solve.
Hal is one of those people who train their whole lives to kill dragons. It utterly consumes her; her father, Jonathan Kunningham, has to almost beg her to come to important dinners he has with other counsel members. Now Hal’s trainer, Austin Birchwood, was thought to be her boyfriend by well…everyone, even him. He would always flirt with Hal, but she’d always pull away like she had someone else on her mind. Austin is fairly handsome with strong arms and a confident personality; he’s the perfect match for Hal.

The End

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