Chaper ThreeMature

For five years I had it easy, Sammy just did everything he was told and didn't question a word. Then when he was five he started to ask questions, questions I really didn't want to answer. They started one night where Sammy was giving very harsh treatment that I couldn't protect him from no matter how hard I tried. Sammy was locked in the cupboard for five days, with any food or water. My biggest nightmare was when they opened it Sammy would be dead. I was nine at this time, and I had known the body needed food and water to live, and I known from past experiences how much it hurt to be dehydrated and starving.

When they let Sam out, he was like a Zombie. He hadn't done anything when they locked him in, it was just out of curelness. They didn't stop there, maybe they knew it would be torture for me to watch or maybe they just wanted to see how much pain he could take. He was kicked, punched and beaten with heavry objects while I stayed tied to the door, unable to help him. I screamed and begged and cried, they didn't stop though. I guess I must of made it worse, but this was new grounds of abuse. Normally after we had been in the cupboard we were just let out and left along for a few hours. This time was different. Once Sammy was laying on the floor crying and making soft whimpers of pain, they then removed his small thin pajamas. I knew what was going to happen. I had only just learnt the way for what they did to us, rape. But I had always known that it hurt. That is was scary.

First my Dad pushed his penis into Sammy's weak mouth with a sharp "watch those teeth boy!". Once he had comed into Sammy's mouth my Mom forced him to the ground and raped him. Sammy was past making noises and moving by then, he was so weak and hurt. He just had silent tears down his face the whole time. My Dad raped him next. That's when Sammy fell unconcicous. I thought he was dead, I lost all meaning to live in those few seconds. Sammy wasn't even concious when they forced pills down his throat. I never knew what they were.

Later that night we were both allowed to go to our room, I held Sammy who was still weak and feed him food I had stolen from the cupboard. Then the questions started.

"Dean where did you get the food from?" Sammy asked.

"I stole it, don't tell Mom or Dad." I replied.

"Dean what's the funny stuff they give us?" Sammy asked.

"Just stuff Sammy." I replied my heart breaking.

"Dean why do they lock us in the cupboard?" Sammy asked.

"Just because Sammy, now stop asking questions and rest." I begged. Sammy didn't stop though, he didn't understand but he wanted to.

"Dean why do that us to those things with their bodies?" Sammy asked.

"Sammy, please just stop asking questions." I begged close to tears.

"Dean why do they hurt us?" Sammy asked.

"Sammy please, please Sammy stop asking questions, please."  I begged him.

"Dean why do they hate us? Is it my fault Dean?" Sammy asked. Then I couldn't hold the tears in any longer and pulled him onto my lap and held him while I cried into his hair.

The End

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